Location of World Wonder Villages

As you probably know, the Travian map is divided into four quadrants.

Each quadrant has 400 tiles, so the largest coordinates of the quadrants are :-

(-400|400) Northwest (400|400) North East
(-400|-400) South West (400|-400) South East

However, the Travian map is a continuous map. Although -400 to 400 mathematically adds up to a difference of 800 tiles, but in the Travian map, they are right next to each other. The map is a continuous map, like a globe, so that where one quadrant ends, the next quadrant begins.

Or better yet, think of it from a 360 degree circular angle. The difference between 1 degree and 360 degree is only 1 degree.

As mentioned, Natars spawn with 14 villages – one capital and thirteen World Wonder villages.

Natar capital will always be at 400|400. If that spot is already settled by a player, it occupies the next tile.

In each of the quadrants, three World Wonder villages will spawn. They are :-

  • The core village
  • The outer core village
  • The furthest core village

So that makes a total of twelve World Wonder villages. The last village, the thirteenth village will spawn somewhere near the center, around the 0|0 axis.

Although coordinates of the World Wonder villages are random, but they have an approximate area where they will spawn. In each of the quadrant:

The core village will spawn somewhere near the core of the quadrant. The core is around the coordinates of 40 to 80. For example:-

Server A Server B
(-79|49) (-73|46) North West
(38|85) (64|60) North East
(-50|-76) (-55|-68) South West
(81|-43) (64|-59) South East

The core village is in a strategic location for support because it lies in the middle of the quadrant. Due to its proximity, this village is usually the quickest to be conquered and is the best supported village.

The second village, or the outer core village will spawn close to the core, but above coordinates 200. For example:-

Server A Server B
(-11|207) (-73|212) North West
(206|22) (208|88) North East
(-207|-44) (-215|-70) South West
(40|-206) (82|-204) South East

The coordinates around 210|40 makes a strategic choice for forming your cluster of villages for World Wonder support. The outer core village tend to receive less support from alliance members because the most active players are usually concentrated around the core.

The furthest core village will be the furthest on both the X and Y axis. They tend to be in the range of 200, but can vary quite widely. For example:-

Server A Server B
(-234|218) (-283|184) North West
(217|225) (139|297) North East
(-222|-230) (-219|-252) South West
(227|-220) (257|-208) South East

The coordinates around the 220|220 area would make a strategic location for forming your cluster of villages for World Wonder support, but this is only on a best guess basis because the furthest core village can vary quite a bit.

This village tends to receive the least support from alliance members due to its extreme location. It is also usually the last to be conquered.

The final thirteenth village will spawn somewhere near the 0|0 axis. For example:-

Server A Server B
(14|-17) (3|2) Thirteenth Village

As it is close to the 0|0 axis, this village can fall in any of the quadrant. Most alliances tend to least prefer this village because it is so close to all the borders, and hence the assumption that it is difficult to defend.

This can be turned to your advantage because regardless of the location of a World Wonder village, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Use this knowledge of World Wonder spawning locations to your advantage.

How many World Wonder villages are you planning to conquer? Assuming you plan to hold all three – the core, outer core and further core villages. Then organize your alliance wings to be grouped into three main clusters.

Organize your support wings by asking players which World Wonder village is closest to them. Then organize them into wings by location so they may support the World Wonder village that is closest to them. It is so silly sometimes when I see players sending their merchants to travel for 12 hours just to reach their WW village, when there’s another WW village that is only 4 hours away.

You drastically increase the support efficiency by organizing by location, but you will still want to maintain your main core wing with your most active players.

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  1. Prince Dastan says:

    Oh yes but that for the old version but at new one the capital is at 0,0 or we call it middle of gray zone the WW village is arround it in every quadrant only there is one some village call world wonder plan village it spawn randomly

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