Day Eight – Culture Points

Continue to extend your resource fields, croplands and build more culture point buildings. Train more clubswngers, more scouts, and continue raiding.

Extend Iron Mine L5
Extend Cropland L7
Extend Cropland L7
Extend Cropland L7
Extend Cropland L7
Extend Grain Mill L2

With croplands at L7 and Grain Mill L2, you can activate the Travian 25% Crop Bonus. It will help to alleviate your crop problem.

Extend Woodcutter L6
Extend Woodcutter L6
Extend Woodcutter L6
Extend Clay Pit L6
Extend Clay Pit L6
Extend Clay Pit L6
Extend Embassy L2
Extend Embassy L3
Extend Academy L2
Extend Academy L3

Embassy and Academy are for culture point production.

By the end of day 8, I have slightly over 300 clubswingers and 20 scouts. Population size is still 100 plus.

Day Nine – Village Rush

Day 9 is a very important day. It is the day that you need to decide which path you want to take.

  • Village Rush. If you want to rush to be among the first to build a second village, then you would take this path to build Academy, Townhall, then hold two celebrations. And you would have your second village by day 11.
  • Military Might. If getting catas is important to you, if somebody had settled on your 15 cropper, or you just need to demolish a player quickly, then climb the techtree to build Academy L15, Workshop and start building catas.
  • Mid Game Domination. If you’re in no hurry and in it for the long haul, then continue to build up your resource fields, army and generate a strong economy. You will have your second village by day 17 to 18, but you will be in a much better economic position than if you followed the Village Rush.

My recommendation is to follow the Mid Game Domination path. It leads the way to a better footing because you would have established the framework for founding your second village.

It is inline with the concept that a strong economy and strong army is a must.

The Village Rush is mainly for players who are trying to prove a point, that they are the fastest, the biggest, the strongest on the server. All eyes will be set on these players, but their infrastructure is severely lacking.

It is the player with 150 population, but has 600 clubswingers. Crop is such a huge problem that he needs pump up the adrenaline and raid continuously. It becomes a Wow factor, but does 600 clubs at this stage of the game really matter?

Nonetheless, the path that I demonstrate here is the Village Rush just to demystify how the Wow factor is done. Wow, how did he grow so fast? Now I will tell you.

In the Village Rush, your limiting factor is culture point. You need 2000 points in order to found a new village. So for today, while raiding like crazy, use the majority of your resource to build the Academy to level 10, so you can build Townhall.

As soon as you have townhall, hold a celebration. Resource management is key here. You need over 20,000 resources to hold a celebration, so don’t spend them all and then get caught short of resources to celebrate.

Celebration gets top priority. For today, build the following :-

Extend Warehouse L9
Extend Granary L8
Extend Academy L4
Extend Academy L5
Extend Academy L6
Extend Academy L7
Extend Academy L8
Extend Academy L9
Extend Academy L10
Extend Townhall L1
Hold Celebration
NPC as necessary
Extend Woodcutter L6
Extend Clay Pit L6
Extend Iron Mine L6
Extend Iron Mine L6
Extend Iron Mine L6
Extend Iron Mine L6

All resource fields are L6, whereas all cropland are L7. Its time to build residence to prepare for settler training.

Extend Residence L2
Extend Residence L3

Train some clubswingers along the way, but they get low priority. You have to be very active with raiding, otherwise you simply won’t have enough resources to achieve all this. I finish the day with about 350 very hardworking clubswingers and 20 scouts.

Day Ten – New Residence

On day 10, top priority goes to holding a celebration as soon as the current one ends. You will have enough culture points as soon as your second celebration ends. Complete building the Residence to L10, and train at least one settler today. By tomorrow, you can train the other two settlers and found your second village.

Extend Woodcutter L7
Extend Woodcutter L7
Extend Clay Pit L7
Extend Residence L4
Extend Residence L5
Extend Residence L6
Extend Residence L7
Extend Residence L8
Extend Residence L9
Extend Residence L10
Train one settler

Any extra resources can be used to extend croplands instead of resource fields. As usual, you need to raid. With active raiding, I accomplish all the above and finish day 10 with almost 400 clubswingers and 20 scouts. My population size is 244 and player rank has reached top 40.

Tomorrow, complete training two more settlers and settle your second village as soon as possible. Once the second village has been founded, stop leveling up resource fields in your first village. The law of leveling up says you should upgrade low level fields first, because they give you a higher return of investment.

Push resources to your second village, and level up the resource fields there instead. Level up your first village resource fields only when you have excess resources. You need to train clubswingers in your second village too and raid from both villages.

Keep up the pace, and soon, very soon, you will enter into the Top 20, and then Top 10 player rank. When you are there, you need to constantly celebrate and conquer other player villages, otherwise you will not be able to keep your position.

Do not worry about offense or defense rank. Don’t try to artificially inflate your offense points by attacking for the sake of offense points. Just concentrate on your goal at hand, to raid. And to grow. Your offense (and defense) points will come naturally, along with your medals.

As mentioned, I didn’t exactly follow the path of Village Rush, but used the Mid Game domination path instead. But this still basically explains how I play the early game of my first ten days. This highly aggressive playing style has bagged me countless top robber awards, top attacker, top defender and top player rank too.

These do not usually happen in the first ten days, but be patient. They happen sometime during mid game to late game.

After this, proceed to read up on the Advanced Techniques section. You must understand about village specialization if you were to become a big player and finish with 40 villages under your empire.

Lastly, my parting words of advice for the very early game. Do not be intimidated by players who brag that their army size is three times their population. Yes, there are players with 250 pop, but with 750 clubswingers. There will always be players like this, but from my experience, by mid game, half of them would have quit.

2 Responses to Day Eight – Culture Points

  1. raider says:

    Tillage rush is the race for the 150c so in my opinion, this is the essential path to take. If you dawdle, the 150c and 125c will be all gone and you will be forced to go out into the boonies, which is no place for a Top 10 robber to be.

  2. Bernie says:

    I have always played Roman and always been offensive to some extent but with only one goal in mind……to build WWK’s. To this end my offensiveness boiled down to a few skirmishes and one big day at the end of the server. Always being told by alliance leaders to save my forces for end game.

    On 16th April (after being lost, having finishes S2 rank 14), I decided I wanted to give your plan a go, so I registered on S6 (a few weeks after server start). I have mostly stuck to your plan but the S6 new rules on wheat suck. I had a granary maxed out with 800 wheat but was forced to build crop land because of “food shortage”; this hampered my first few days although I was well ahead of the game plan by day 3. I am on day 9 and am only half way through day 8 task. I did have to side track to take out some troops and have lost about 50 clubs in doing so. I now have full control of my 21 x 21 and feel in excellent spirits. This is my first time Teuton and sometimes I have wished for some Imperians to replace my clubs but on the whole, I have found this round, excellent so far. I am going all the way with your plan and hope I end up doing better than my last rank 14. Bernie is a happy bunny…….thank you

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