Building An Offense Army

A good offense army consists of a mix of infantry and cavalry units. A good mix is a ratio of 3:1, that is three infantry for every one cavalry. Romans should have a higher infantry ratio.

Infantry are more powerful attackers than cavalry. By having a 3:1 infantry to cavalry ratio, you pack more attack points for the same amount of crop.

Every offense army should have at least 300 rams, and ideally 350 rams.

When building an offense army, an important rule to understand is the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A single army of 2000 axeman is stronger than two separate armies of 1000 axeman.

As shown in the simulation above, two separate attacks of 1000 axeman didn’t manage to defeat 1800 praetorians. But a single attack of 2000 axeman managed to defeat the same number of praetorians.

Therefore, offense armies should be built from the same village, and the best village to support a large offensive army is your capital. Being a 15 cropper, you need to constantly push resources to your capital so you may train troops there.

If you understand about village specialization, then you will understand that your capital is an offense village. It needs a maxed out barracks, stables, workshop and blacksmith.

Fully upgrade your offense troops as fast as possible, including catas and rams, then demolish the blacksmith to make room for granary. Do not train any defenders in your offense village.

It is common to run into negative crop. When you have setup your second offense village, it too will run into constant negative crop. Normal negative crop numbers run in the range of negative 20,000 to negative 50,000 an hour.

Don’t worry about the huge crop drain. As long as you continue to push crop to it, you will be able to feed this army.

One of the nice things about a 15 cropper capital is the high crop yield, especially those with high crop oases bonus. This is all the more reason to choose the location of your capital wisely.

A capital should only receive resources. It should not send any resources away because these resources are used to extend croplands, and to continuously train offense troops.

You need to constantly train troops in your capital. If you don’t you will fall behind.

In order to support such a high crop drain, build at least four granaries and as many as six in your offense village. A large warehouse helps too if you want to NPC resources into crop.

Your offense villages will need to be supported by troop support village. 15 croppers and 9 croppers are better than 6 croppers because of their high crop production. Use these support villages to push crop and resources.

When you are not using your army, park your troops in support villages to ease the crop drain. Troops parked in oases are safer because oases are seldom attacked.

14 Responses to Building An Offense Army

  1. question says:

    so if i delete armory/blacksmith you lvl20 upgrade won’t be gone?

  2. asking says:

    how many troops can be parked at an oasis?
    Will they starve at the oasis?

    • admin says:

      No limit to number of troops that can be parked in Oasis.
      They will eat crop from the village the Oasis is attached to. So yes, they will starve if that village runs out of crop.

  3. Kshitiz says:

    Does the research goes when the academy is demolished?

  4. Towilluk says:

    I am currently playing my 1st server on Travian and enjoying it a lot. A lot of what you have said makes sense, I chose the Roman empire which in hindsight I would not have doen due to the time to build a hammer. I now have a hammer in place choosing to consist it of 10,000 legs, 15,000 imps and 5000 light horses (raid with them as well) but I am struggling to release the waves so that they are closly compacted. What is the secret to this? I have done multiple tabs but struggle to get them less than 2 seconds apart?

  5. PridePnoy says:

    you need to build your hammer as a single massive force <–

    usually people build their hammers in a 1-1-15 or a 1-1-1-9
    ( 15cc is the best choice ) because of their massive crop production

  6. KakashiHatake says:

    Look at this calculation and tell me how does it look: 15 (croopland) x 6950 croops for lv 25 crooplands)=104250(lets make it 100000 because we may spent 4250 croop production (every hour) from buildings!Now make this calculation 150%(croop production from oases) +50%(croop productions from buildings)+25% (from Travian Plus every week)=225% so……..225% of 100000=325000(hourly croop production).I saw somewhere that your WW had over 200000(hourly croop production) so let me tell you that there can be more than 200000 croop production…..

    • uzi says:

      You cannot get lvl 25 crop fields. Level 18 is enough and lvl 19.. is impossible unless you’re a gold user. Level 20 ( correct me if im wrong) may only be possible to get if you have great warehouse and granaries artefact. No one has reached level 25 so crop consumption is 200,000, the average

      • Rakirs says:

        Does level 25 even exsist? I thought they only go up to 20 because 20 is the the magic number in Travian. Nothing goes above level 20.

        • crazyraider says:

          Theoretically it exists in capital resource can be upgraded to infinity but the cost cannot be beared got to help page for more.

  7. uzi says:

    the most ive seen was lvl 21 fields. its was by a guy who’d built a hammer 1million crop consumption in size

  8. Wind says:

    I currently run the following buildings in my capital..
    Please advice on my setup..

    6 Granaries
    3 Warehouses (I NPC a lot ~ Stockpile then NPC to save gold)
    Main Building 20
    Market 20 (to NPC and sometimes send NPC’d resources to developing village)
    Barracks lvl 20
    Stables lvl 20
    Workshop 20
    T.S lvl 20
    Smithy 20 (Hasn’t complete upgrading lvl20 Ram)
    Town Hall 20
    Treasury 20 (Planning on capturing artifacts)
    R.Point 20
    Wall 20
    Bakery 5
    Mills 5

    Having 20k Axemen
    7k T.Knights
    200 Rams
    800 Cata

    150% Oases bonus with 25% from plus and 50% from factories.
    Still can’t break an 8k pop capital (3 villages total).. how could that be? @.@

    That player doesn’t have any aid from other players..

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