Characteristics of World Wonder Villages

The World Wonder village has certain unique characteristics which makes it different from a normal player’s village.

A normal village has 20 building slots in the village center. A World Wonder village has only 15 building slots. The World Wonder itself uses 5 slots. This count does not include the Rally Point and Walls.

The snapshot below shows what a World Wonder village looks like when its just conquered. Notice there is no Rally Point. You start off with a handful of resources which will give you just enough to build a Rally Point.

You cannot build a Palace in a World Wonder village and designate it as your capital. Likewise, you cannot build a Treasury or Stonemason there. You may build a Residence though.

It is the only village where you can build a World Wonder, Great Granary and Great Warehouse.

All construction times are halved in a World Wonder village. So if you look at the build times published on the official Travian site, then you need to divide it by two. This however does not apply to the World Wonder itself, Great Granary and Great Warehouse because the published build times have already been halved for you.

Troops consume only half the crop in a World Wonder village.

You cannot use gold to instantly complete a building in a World Wonder village. You also cannot use gold to NPC resources. The gold crop/production bonus and defense bonus however can be used in a World Wonder village. You can also use the Travian Plus feature to queue up the construction of two buildings.

The Travian rule of sending an hourly production limit does not apply to a World Wonder village. You are allowed to push an unlimited amount of crop and resources without violating any rules. You are allowed to send resources even if you are a sitter or a same PC usage player.

This applies ONLY to the World Wonder village. All other villages belonging to the World Wonder host still have the hourly production limit rule. The Construction Plan village however has some exceptions. You can send an unlimited amount of crop to the Construction Plan village.

If a World Wonder host is banned for any reason whatsoever, you can still send crop to the World Wonder village. Troops will still eat crop, but they will not starve while the account is banned. You may not however send troops or resources while the host is banned.

When a player with a higher population attacks a player with a lower population, he is granted a morale bonus. The morale bonus does not apply in a World Wonder village. So there is no advantage of having a lower population when defending the World Wonder village.

Settlers make very good defenders in a World Wonder village. He has the highest defense point per crop, so ask your alliance members to send all their excess settlers there.

The structures in a Natar World Wonder village will not level down when they are conquered.

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  1. William Ryoo says:

    Does the “non buildable” still apply for great granaries and warehouses in T4?

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