Four Types Of Players

Throughout my career in Travian, I’ve noticed there are mainly four types of players. I’ve coined them as the bottom feeder, the small feeder, the hunter and the predator.

Bottom Feeders are players who do not raid. They rely solely on their own production and build lots of crannies. Their favorite phrase is probably “Build more crannies”.

Bottom feeders think it is wrong to attack others and almost never have any troops and they are often the farms.

These players never last. They go inactive by mid game, and eventually delete.

They make good farms, although they may not be very rich in resources.

Small Feeders are primarily defense based players who very rarely attack others. Their can often be heard to say “I attack only inactive players”.

They place themselves higher than bottom feeders only because they have some defense troops which at least tries to deter would be raiders. Their offense capability however is none to very, very low. The majority of players are small feeders.

You should farm such players. They make rich farms and most will disappear by mid game anyway.

Hunters feed on bottom feeders and small feeders. They understand the importance of raiding and maintain an offense and defense army. These players are not shy of attacking others and can be seen skirmishing with other hunters.

Hunters occasionally bite more than they can chew and sometimes get themselves stung by kicking a bee’s nest. They are generally good players, but lack certain skills that make them invincible.

While they fight among themselves, raid and conquer too, but hunters tend to avoid that big player in their neighborhood. Hunters always give way to the Predator.

Predators are at the top of the food chain. These players walk over all others with their massive armies, preferring to make hunters their victims due to their bigger production capacity.

They attack with impunity and even hunters dare not retaliate against their attacks. Predators are smart enough to avoid attacking other predators, choosing instead to form alliances where they often gang up to victimize hunters.

Predators are fearsome warriors.

What type of player are you? The four types of players can be seen as a food chain.

You can move up and down the food chain, but you can also see a direct relation between the food chain and their offense/defense play style.

The higher you climb the food chain, the more offensive your playing style.

You can tell a defense based player when he has more than one cranny and an offense based player usually has none.

Wherever you are in the food chain, there are some universal truths about them.

7 Responses to Four Types Of Players

  1. Tixan says:

    Four Types Of Players:

    The information here pretty much summons up most player types, but you’ve forgot one type. The Brick Wall.
    Typically a Brick Wall player goes for massive amounts of defence. Enough to make solid walls for most attacks. Such a player has so much defence, most Predators keeps away from their cities.

    The purpose is often to be a personal deffer for a friend, or to the alliance. Such players often is pretty good players, that either likes to keep to them selves mostly, or has taken the responsibility to be the alliance’s defender. Time and time again, such players can mount awesome walls in record time at Predators cities, should time come for it to be needed. Maybe Predators have such players close, both on map, and in fast contact reach.

    Best regards

    PS: I’ve played with such players in most of my alliances as Predator, and I have their cell on speed dial 😉

  2. monster says:

    I have to agree. I play the defense ‘brick wall’ and have some Predators on my speed dial.
    A small amount of raiding troops for farms and oasis’ with back up from the Predators for getting rid of walls and troops in potential farms.
    They have all the defense they need in minimal time as tounement squares are maxed

  3. Alan says:

    Not true. Your so called “brick walls” fall under the category of small feeders. Your walls can be catted. Your troops yield no resources, and therefore a predator can easily mass more quickly, easily putting your troop count down, croplocking you, and keeping you under toe.

  4. monster says:

    If you say so Allen….
    My ‘Bottom Feeder’ defense has brought down 2 hammers this round and I hope to bring down some more as we head closer to endgame 😉

  5. travain leader says:

    hunters are the best bottom feeders are the worst Predators ARE THE WORST BECAUSE YOU DO NOT LEARN SKILLS LIKE AVOIDING COUNTER ATTACK

  6. crazyraider says:

    Guys the defense brick wall simply does not exists cause it is a universal truth that only an attacker can be a invincible.
    Read the section of defense concepts which tells the best offense.
    I am 100% sure even the writer agrees the fact that only an aggressive player can achieve second villa on day 3.Have medals and also tower above the rest.

  7. amigomar says:

    am a Hunter right now and i will try to become a Predator in the new server ^^

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