Psychology Of Winning Players

If there was only one thing you could learn from this guide, then it would be the psychology of winning players. Having the right mindset, mentally and emotionally is like building a house of bricks than a house of straws.

Nothing that I say in this guide will matter if you did not have this “mindset”.

Because we humans tend to do what is right. And we generally won’t do something if we think that its wrong.

A few questions to ask yourself :-

  1. Do you think raiding and stealing resources is wrong?
  2. Do you think that you should raid only inactive players?
  3. Do you have mercy for the weak?
  4. Do you feel guilty for destroying a weak player’s village?
  5. Do you give a person a break when he asks for it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this message is for you.

Some folks feel that attacking others and stealing resources is wrong and dishonest. And that you must have a reason to attack someone. They think its wrong to conquer a weak player’s village. That everybody is entitled to enjoy the game and not to be pushed around by bullies.

Top players however see things very differently. We take a very business like approach to the game. There is no room for mercy, nor is there any guilt or letting up to allow the other person to breathe. If you are weak, then you will be farmed, even conquered if its beneficial.

I feel that this is important because playing an offensive game means attacking others. You will receive many messages from your victims – from nice friendly pleas, to abusive messages.

Some people are easily taken in by nice messages and if you’re not mentally prepared, you will find an emotional crisis within you – on one part you want to attack, but on the other you feel sorry for the person.

So I want to prepare you mentally and emotionally that if you feel that way, then my advice to you is “get over it”.

We are playing the game the way its meant to be played. We are big players and we take what we like. We own the lion’s share of the game and it cannot done by being nice to your farms.

Here’s some farm messages :-

“Why do you attack me? If you need resources, just ask and I will send you some”

“I’m new to the game and just learning”

“You spoil my game and make it un-enjoyable”

“Oh everyone is farming me, bla, bla bla”

“You attack so many players a day, can you please not attack me?”

“You don’t get much from me. I’m sure your hourly production is more

“I can’t grow because of your constant farming”

“oh yeah f**k, why do you attack me?”

I’m quick to hit the delete key with these messages. In fact I don’t even read them anymore.

Let me explain I wasn’t always like this. But later I found that when I let my farms off the hook, they eventually wind up as someone else’s farm. From my experience, it happens 100 percent of the time. It’s the law of nature that the weak will always fall prey to the strong.

The problem is, these players never learn to play the game. And if you stop farming them, then someone else will. Since then I’ve never bothered to let up on my attacks.

I hope I was able to give you a peek into my mind on how I feel about attacking others. You will need to adopt the same psychology too and discard any emotions or guilt of attacking others if you want to play in the major leagues.

The only people whom I’m nice with are my alliance members.

7 Responses to Psychology Of Winning Players

  1. Sole says:

    I am a big looser!!!! I always feel pitty so I don´t attack small players!!! That´s why I will never win this game.
    :( :( :(

  2. Shareef says:

    Is it good if ask for a gift/price for stopping the raids?? Or is it also being unnecessarily merciful??

  3. monster says:

    When I started I was badly farmed by 2 big players near me. I asked them for guidence and thet both gave it but if either of them thought I was not growing fast enough they did a farm run on me. Since I have used the same principle on other players and found it to work well in dividing those who really want to learn and those just goofing around

  4. bad man says:

    If you are not raiding some newbie one one else will be resources are the most important thing here and if you think your own resources are enough for you than you are wrong

    i had a stratgy to build smaller alliance of loosers if they are good they help me prevent others harm my alliance

    ha ha win win for both of us

  5. New Born says:

    I have two question:

    1) If I attack someone for raiding me and get my troops trap, should I kill them?

    2) Is it wise to raid someone who raided you with 100 clubs using lesser troops?

  6. raider says:

    I enjoy being the magnanimous dictator and resource vacuum of my area. If they whine, I do not reply and continue business as usual. If they seem like they want to learn, I enjoy giving advice, but warn them that my alliance mates won’t stop raiding them, even if I do. If I like their story (someone died or whatever) or they amuse me in some way, then I stop raiding them temporarily, but warn them that my alliance mates won’t stop raiding them, even if I do. I generally stop raiding maybe 2 farms out of several hundred early game so it’s no biggie for me to stop raiding the less than handful that strike my fancy. Most players just aren’t online enough to play the game effectively so their res is mine. The players that get freebies eventually become bigger farms later so it’s no big deal to stop raiding a few. I also like my farms to grow into 2 or 3 or 4 villa farms so I will not raid the more active players at first so that I will have nice farms for when the inactives are all gone. Allowing farms to grow is cheaper and easier than making your own villas and simming them up.

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