Facts Of The Food Chain

Not all things are created equal. Wherever you are on the food chain, there are a few undisputed facts.

The higher you are on the food chain, the greater your rewards. They take the form of :-

  • An abundance of resource
  • Having massive fearsome armies
  • Having the best croppers
  • Having the best oases
  • Having the chance to host the World Wonder
  • Never worry about being attacked
  • Having it your way, always

Power, rank and privilege flows down the food chain. The important things, such as the best croppers, alliance positions, personal requests, etc always goes to the ones with the highest rank and most important armies.

Predators always get the best spots and bottom feeders always complain that its not fair. Afterall, predators already have so many croppers, so why can’t we give one up for someone who does not have any.


Its for the simple reason that Predators know what they are doing, and they tend to make the best use of resources given to them. Take a 15 cropper village with 125% oases bonus. Bottom feeders don’t know how to develop and use them, so its better to let the bigger players take them.

So if there’s something you’re not happy about, work on improving your rank and your military strength. Work on climbing the food chain because claiming that its not fair does not help.

When you become a predator, the law of the food chain says that others will listen to you, either your alliance members or outsiders. Your player rank speaks for itself and you usually have things your way during negotiations.

So there are tangible benefits to climbing the food chain but most of all, it leads to a more fulfilling game experience.

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