Culture Points – The Hidden Resource

If expanding and conquering is important to you, then you will need to constantly watch your Culture Point production. In mid and late game, the main obstacle to massive expansion is a shortage of culture points. So much so that top players are constantly racing for more culture points.

When your villages have matured, meaning when you have completely extended all production buildings, then you should begin building Culture Point buildings.

The following buildings are considered a must in all villages (for CP production), and must be fully extended to level 20:

  • Main Building
  • Marketplace
  • Academy
  • Embassy
  • Walls
  • Palace or Residence

Every village should generate at least 850 culture points. Even after extending all the structures above, you will find that you might still be short of the required 850 culture points production.

In villages where there are still empty slots, build Treasury L1, Stable L10, Trade Office L10 and Townhall L10. And you will exceed the 850 culture point production.

In addition to building Culture Point buildings, you will also need to constantly celebrate. When doing celebrations, hold the Small Celebration, not Great Celebration.

Great Celebrations cost five times more, but only generate four times as much culture points. The advantage of a Great Celebration is during a conquer attack/defense and it generates culture points much faster. While it is faster, but it is not cost-effective as a way to accumulate culture points.

The above chart shows my culture points. The village names have been blurred out. Aim for at least 850 points with a fully matured village and hold continuous celebrations everyday.

This was taken at the end of the end game, so I no longer hold any celebrations. And I’ve not yet fully develop all villages.

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