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Hello and welcome to Travian Secrets. I am Peter Young and this is the strategy manual I never expected to write.

It has been a few years now since I started playing Travian and seemingly like everyone else I started by reading the Travian tutorial guide. I followed the guide’s recommendations and within minutes, I had a small little Roman village on It’s a non-speed, Classic server version 2.5 in case you’re wondering.

On day two, another village popped up next to me. He’s a Teuton and let’s call him Teuton X for easy reference. Since we had started about six months late, the beginner’s protection was long – a full 14 days.

Then something very odd happened. Teuton X was growing at break neck speed. No matter how I tried, I just could not keep up with his growth. By day six, I was far behind and I was getting worried that I would be attacked when my protection expires.

Being the friendly guy I am, I messaged him and said let’s be friends and form an alliance. There was no response.

Also on that same day, I received a message from another guy asking for help. He was quite big at over 100 population. As it turned out, Teuton X was farming him. This amazed me because Teuton X was farming players more than twice his size. But I said I’ll send over 10 legionnaires to reinforce his village.

Then I asked, what was Teuton X’s army size when he attacked? He said, “he attacks with over 100 clubswingers”. Duh!!! How was that possible? I had played so diligently, squeezing every ounce of resource and I could barely afford 10 legionnaires – yet he has over 100 clubswingers. That’s atrocious!!! Bear in mind this is only day 6.

He must be cheating, I concluded!!! He must have 2 accounts and he’s sending resources. Or he has some kind of illegal script or program which makes him strong.

So I began searching. Searching for answers on how can he grow so fast and so strong in 6 days? I asked on the forums. Some even suggested its easy if you use Gold (plus 25% resources). I delved deeper – not knowing that the vast majority of advice I got were from people who were just as clueless as me.

Then the day came – the day my protection expired. But the dreaded attack never came. Instead, Teuton X wrote and said “we can be friends”.

To my relief, I said okay. As it turned out, Teuton X was friends with some of the top players on the server. He played with the boys in the major leagues and he used tactics and strategies which the top players use.

We’re talking about players who end the game with over 40 villages under their belt. He taught me the ropes of the game. And I then understood how easy it is to have 100 clubs in six days. You just need to know how. In more ways than one, I regard him as my mentor.

You will discover all the tactics and strategies I use to get to the top. You will discover a world of abundance. Where resources overflow from a maxed out level 20 Warehouse/Granary. You will be among the first to found new villages. And control fearsome two hundred thousand crop armies from ONE village.

It is all here. Explained to you in bite size chunks.

Are you having problems being farmed? Are you having problems with slow growth? Are you wondering where to settle your next village? Or are you an alliance leader looking to build a strong alliance? Do you want to know how endgame works? Perhaps you have questions about how conquering works. These are all crucial questions and critical decisions you must make.

And this is the guide. The guide that contains everything Travian and all of my strategies. It will give you an insight into the minds of top Travian players. You will learn how we think, how we play and most of all, these strategies when taken together have the power turn you into a top player too.

This guide is written to get you into the top 1 percent of Travian players. It assumes that’s your goal.

But if you’re planning to reach a comfortable level in the game, that’s okay too. You’ll still find the strategies outlined here to be invaluable in improving your game skills.

Everything that’s written here are tried and tested. These are not theories, or opinions of inexperienced players – they’re not ripped from some forum somewhere.

Also I will not mention what is obvious and already mentioned on the official game site. You need to understand this is not a getting started guide and I don’t cover the basics here. This is an advanced guide for getting to the top.

You need to be familiar with the game rules. If not, please take a moment to learn about the game rules because it will help you with the understanding of this guide.

You can find them all here

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  1. T*****T S***H says:

    I want to ask a question,that why nothing about the hero is mentioned in this guide.if any body has the answer kindly tell it to me to clear my doubt.

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