Travian Strategy Guide

Warning! This is what the Top Players on Travian don’t want you to know!!! Is there a Playing Strategy that could launch you to the Top Ranks of Travian every time?

“The World’s best Travian players and World Wonder hosts come together to reveal their secrets for easily dominating the Travian world. Once you learn these simple, but ingenious strategies, you’ll consistently win the Top Robber award, Top Attacker, Top Defender and so much more…”

Top Travian player on four consecutive international servers…

Travian Strategy Guide

Some of my Travian awards. . . 😛 😛 😛

My Travian Awards

Four times World Wonder Host. . . 😛 😛 😛

World Wonder Host

This is my World Wonder Hammer. . . 😛 😛 😛

World Wonder Hammer Army

And this is the book I wrote. . . 😛 😛 😛

Travian Strategy Guide

Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.

If you’d like to become an Elite Travian player, win medals and awards, host a World Wonder village, fight an alliance war, and save time playing the game, then this website contains all the playing strategies you’re going to need to kick ass on the server…

Here’s why:

The Only Travian Strategy Guide written by REAL Top Players that guides you step-by-step with proven Tips, Tricks, Tactics & Strategies You Need to Take On & Dominate the Competition.

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

  • Reason One: I finished my last server as a Top 20 Attacker, Top 20 Defender, and Top 20 Overall Rank. With 38 villages under my belt, I achieved my highest Offense Rank – Number 2. And highest Defense Rank – Number 1.

    Competing with almost 30,000 players on the server, that puts me into the Top 0.1 percent bracket of the players.

  • Reason Two: I was the leader of the Number One Alliance on the server TWICE in a row. I masterminded the entire end game strategy and was the commander-in-chief for my alliance and our meta-alliance. No WW Army was sent if I did not give the okay.
  • Reason Three: I hosted the World Wonder village for my alliance FOUR TIMES. I also sat for other WW hosts, giving me vast experience on the build order and how others build their World Wonder village.

    And did I mention, I also built the third largest World Wonder Army on my last server.

I am also a Retired Travian player… 😛 😛 😛

I am Peter Young and this is the strategy manual I never expected to write.

On this website, I invite you to stick around and browse the strategies I used for dominating the Travian server. These are REAL strategies, written with REAL playing experience by Top players on the server. So you know you’re not reading some silly blog written by an amateur wanna be pro player.

You’ll find this is a complete guide, broken into eight chapters :-

  • Before You Begin
  • Game Concepts
  • The Early Game
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Defensive Strategies
  • Offensive Strategies
  • Alliance Strategies
  • The End Game

You can use the navigation bar on the top to access the content.

I retired on Travian 3.5, due to Real Life issues. In Travian, they call it RL issues. But you can take these concepts presented here and apply them even on later Travian versions because most of the game fundamentals have barely changed.

45 Responses to Travian Strategy Guide

  1. chris says:

    I interested in this book.
    I think if all that shows is true, then I will get it and read it, so I get and this valuable knowledge on this amazing game

  2. khashayar says:

    i read this and did the things in the early game . it was great great great . i love this beacuse you sayed very usefull things that noone
    thinked of . now in day 2 i have 20 clubswinger!!!

  3. somebody says:

    Mr.Peter Young
    Thank you so much about this book and this information

    Please do you have anystrategy for travian version 4 (T4) ?

    I will be thanks alot if you tell us a good strategy

  4. Norman says:

    I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information

  5. Peter says:

    Lol, 20 clubs in 2 days? Thats not hard on normal speed servers at all! Many of the free online guides will easely in a few min. tell you how to, and even tell you how to farm like crazy! Just use google ppl 😉

  6. Peter says:

    That said… a Travian strategy book would be cool to have on the book shelf! :p. With the wow strategy book and all the others! Even though the same stuff can be found on the internet.

  7. me says:

    Mr.Peter Young
    Thank you so much about this book and this information

    Please do you have anystrategy for travian version 4 (T4) ?

    I will be thanks alot if you tell us a good strategy

  8. tom says:

    Hey Peter, this guide is AWESOME, long time ago, I used to suck, but now I’m in the top 300! Thank you

  9. Kyril says:

    I just want to ask 1 question and I need help please !
    Some 1 respond ..
    in this book . he said he was playing in servers containing more than 30 000 …. where do they exist … 1st of all .. i dont like Travian 4 ….
    the classic one is better … but they contain at max 4000 …
    so is there .that is if i log from travian . c0m …
    so is there any other place .. where i can play CLASSIC servers but with much more players in
    PLEASE HELP ! ty

  10. A-V says:

    Well these all guides in this website were VERY useful! Thanks for sharing them… I’m quite bad at travian but maybe when I grow and move to own house I can say good bye to life outside Travian and grow top player with your tips =]

  11. Kshitiz says:

    One thing I have found is we have to start on day 1-3. If we are late to start server about 10-30 days after server starts then we will be less powerful and strong player nearby us may destroy village with catapults. If we are late even more than 30 days of server starting then its sure to be a farm from beginning to the ending of the game.

  12. Koko says:

    Good guide!

  13. paripooranan says:

    u r so cool peter!
    i love this website!
    really interesting!
    good for newbies and intermediates

  14. William Ryoo says:

    This is pretty good.
    As a veteran, I would agree to these points that you have outlined, that is, if you are focused on troop production. But have you remembered to put in a vital thing for troops and upgrading non – wheat resource fields – the crop always goes down, no matter what. So watch out! Anyway, did you go up to such a high level like you are or did you use cheats?
    I am very curious…

    Good for all rounders, even pros.

  15. Alex says:

    LOL Really good guide. I have played travian 5 years- 8 servers and have allways been in top 10 since i read this strategy. Good Peter!

  16. tbbt says:

    Awesome book!!! :)

    Can you just tweak the strategies to meet the current v4? That way, we can follow the plans eaiser.

    Thanks for writing this book. :) I was previously far from top 10000 even. Now I can be top 2000, and still growing :)

    • travain leader says:

      he is retired he probably doesn’t play t4

      • crazyraider says:

        i wish he played it since in t4 rewards are greater in tasks and adventure plus club of clubswinger kills entire army in early game but for sure it takes a while to get rid of your farms hero.

  17. cooldad says:

    interesting read, what can you say about using BOTs to gain medals.. are they effective? i found lots of bot like coconut, TMBOT so far the best bot I’ve used so far is trazerbot found @ it works on T4 and its free.

    • Missy says:

      Maybe you should read the rules 😉

      §3 Use of externals
      The game must be played with an unmodified internet browser. The use of scripts or bots which automate account actions is against the rules.

  18. crazyraider says:

    I would like to hear authors view on brewery since this is my 4th time i am playing teutons and i want to know how it works and is it worth it

    • admin says:

      Breweries are limited to Teutons, can only be built in the capital, and provide up to 20% boost in attack power. This sounds good, but the setback is catas can only do random hits. IMHO, breweries are not worth it and you’re better off without. Here are my reasons why :-

      1) They’re useless when conquering. Because you need to aim at the Palace or Residence, and random hits means they’re useless for conquers.
      2) They’re useless when attacking WW villages. When you send a 250k crop WW super hammer to a WW village, you have to aim at the GW or WW itself. If you can’t aim, then they might end up destroying a level 1 cropland, which is a major crime for a WW hammer.
      3) They’re useless for attacking enemy capitals. To hurt enemy capitals most, is to take out their high level croplands, especially level 18 croplands. I like to send six waves which will take out 12 croplands. But being unable to aim means I seriously lose my offense capability.

      These are the main reasons, but a lesser reason is they have to be built in the capital. Because I advocate building your offense army in your capital, there are limited building slots, and granaries are very important for supporting super hammers. A brewery takes up one building slot which I rather use for a Granary.

      IMHO, the additional attack power becomes moot when you can’t use that power. Its like having a nuke missile that can only target random cities. I feel that T3.5 and the brewery was very unbalanced for Teutons, when the Romans have the HDT. If the devs will remove the random attack part, then it would be awesome. Just my opinion on this. 😛

  19. crazyraider says:

    Thanks for quick reply.
    I have still one thing in my mind.
    It may sound weird but i have made a WW hammer
    and conquered one WW myself but havent made a brewry till now.
    This is my first time i am trying to lead an alliance and I want to know if we have to give a celebration like thing in it.
    It will be useful for my friends ram hammers
    Moreover cant we just cata or chief without giving a celebration in brewry.
    Sorry if i am being mistaken but as mentioned in travian guide
    i thought we can give a sort of celebration in brewry.

  20. crazyraider says:

    In last pages you mentioned to destroy GW.
    I was thinking what if we can attack GG instead and normal Grainaries too.
    Because last time i destroyed two GW but if we destroy GG and Grainaries after scouting wont troops starve there.
    I know some people make many many GG.
    IF they made it like you suggested i.e. 2 GG lvl 20 and inherited from Natars one then we can easily make troops starve.
    and if the above plan is done how much time and troops can the WW holder looses in recovering supposing he is around Lvl 85
    and has 5 million defenders with nearly crop consumption of 3
    million.These were true when i destroyed his GW but what if i had destroyed GG and grainaries with my ally?

    • admin says:

      Destroying GW hurts the most because its the longest to build. GG is relatively quicker to build, and really in a short time the GG will be replaced. Starving troops are not really the issue, because they starve anyway regardless of GG capacity.
      And yes, you need to hold a celebration in the brewery. Building the brewery does not automatically give you an attack boost.

  21. not-a-natural-english-speaker says:

    hi peter .can i ask a question about your book ?
    how many pages does your book have?! 😀

  22. Angryfighter says:

    nice guide, I have read the whole of it and it helped me a lot…

    can u plz write an guide for travian 4? Also a 3x speed server guide would be very appreciated..


  23. doubtful says:

    IS IT ADVISED TO PLAY NORMAL TRAVISN SERVERS OR SPEED i am currently playing a server and i have 2millin offense troops and 3millinon defese troops in ww so with the offesnse troops shud i destroy the othe ww

  24. Kyrill says:

    Thanks for the guide.. But this is just not enough for me ..
    I want to have a travian 4 book on my shelf
    I leave in the Middle east
    Admin do you do shipments to this part of the world or just america
    I really really want it
    If so shipment may be done to the UAE


  25. Snapp says:

    Do you have any tips how to build early in a 15c?

    • A-V says:

      You need gold, there is no other way around it. Building 15c by NPC-ing crop it produces into other resources is by far most effective way to sim in game. Seeing 15c produces more resource than any other type of village due to two boost buildings instead of one and that you can grab up to 150% oases vs 75% for non-wheat.

      Alternative way would be building few boosters around it and then push resource to it. Works too but not so well than gold using

  26. Tanmeet Singh says:

    i want to play dual.stated playing in3 server with a offensive strategy.if anybody want to join then reply me below the comment.
    and thanx to peter for sharing his experience.

  27. mamimo says:

    interesting… where can i buy the book? trazerbot

  28. Tanmeet Singh says:

    need dual on inx starting this april,if anybody interested then reply here

  29. I think says:

    Well,about the brewery,it does help if you are targeting the capital wheat fields,as catapults aiming randomly at a field will hit a random field,and capital only has 15 wheat fields and no other field.

  30. Well says:

    Maybe not a bad idea for attacks on a capital,since randomly targeting a field will hit a random field,all of which are wheat since most good players keep there non wheat fields at level 0.

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