The Early Game Formula

If you’re wondering what are some of the benchmarks of the early game? What are some of the achievements to compare with? The top players found a new village by day seven. Their population size is around 250, and their army is about twice their population size of at least 500 clubswingers. How did they do it?

If you ask them how did they do it, they will not tell you. But here’s the formula of how its done.

You’ll find they are all invariably Teutons. Teutons have the best early game advantage, and it is normal for a Roman or Gaul to lag behind in the very early game. But being Teuton is only part of the formula.

The other part of the formula is to train clubs, raid like crazy. Train more clubs, and raid again. The phenomenal growth is achieved by continuous raiding almost 24 hours a day. This is done by co-players taking shifts, usually two to three players playing the game.

The next part of the equation is gold – lots of it. Even with tons of resources, it still takes time to build structures. Do you know how long it takes to extend the Main Building? And yet players grow by 50 or 60 population in a day (on day two itself). This is done by using instant complete (lots of gold).

The last part of the formula is celebration. You need 2000 culture points in order to found your first village. There is no way you can have that many CP in seven days, especially when your village is only 250 population.

This is done by celebration. Its not difficult. The prerequisite is Main Building L10, Academy L10 and a Townhall L1. These are cheap structures to build, but celebration cost is quite expensive (20,330 resources).

That’s why you only need a lot of resources, and it is done by raiding continuously.

Nevertheless, is it really important to rush to found a second village on the server? No, its not. Using gold without second thoughts, and even building a Townhall for celebration are not wise decisions at this stage of the game.

These are insane players who need a boost to their ego so they can say, “I’m the first to found a 2nd village”.

The very early game does not have any long term impact as there’s plenty of time to catch up. You can be a slow starter in the early game, and still be able to catch up by mid game and be formidable player.

Nevertheless, I will explain here how the Early Game rush is done – to demystify the secrets of these top players. I am one of them, having reach the highest player rank of number 8 and staying in the top 20 for a long time until I got fed up of the population rush.

This guide is for someone who wants to keep up with the Travian race – to have the top player rank, top robber medal, and top attacker too. You can also use this as a strategy guide on how to kick start an aggressive game.

But I do not teach you how to be an insane player who clicks instant complete five times a day, and to hold celebrations on day 4 (which are a waste of resources).

But I’ll teach you how to tower above the rest, as your neighbors look in disbelief at just how fast you grow. You will learn how to dominate your neighborhood, to have 100 clubswingers in under 4 days, and still be among the first to found a 2nd village on the server.

These are my exact step-by-step guide. It is written with the Teuton in mind, but Romans and Gauls can learn much from it.

This was written on Travian 3.1, but Travian tends to change the startup script without notice, so there can be slight variations. But there is no difference even on Travian 3.5.

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  1. Rakirs says:

    This is really helpful, but I go to school and can’t play during school hours. My school hours are 7:30-3:05 (time I leave and get home) and I cannot go online in the morning (not allowed). I will probably slow down on this, but I want to atleast get in the top 100 and get in the top alliance later in the game. Is this what I should do?

    • JAck says:

      You should study now and forget travian completely. Life is very long and you will get plenty of time to play travian. Right now focus on school or else you will fail in school.

      Damn this internet. In my time all we wanted was a free lecture so that we could take that football and go to the field.

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