Choosing Your Capital

Your capital is the most important village and the location has to be given some thoughts the moment you register your account. First and foremost, here are the requirements of a good capital :-

  • A 15 cropper village. Always – there is no exception to this rule. A 6 cropper and 9 cropper is also known as a noob capital.

    The difference in crop production between a 9 cropper and 15 cropper is HUGE. Furthermore, a 15 cropper does not need Iron Foundry, Saw Mill and Brickyard – freeing up 3 slots to build granaries and warehouses.

  • High crop oases bonus. The highest is 150%, but they are rare. Go for 125% or 100% at least. If you still can’t get it, then settle on a 75% as a last resort.

    A word to note. There is a LOT of difference in crop production between a 75% capital and a 100% capital and 125% capital. Once your croplands reach level 18, you would have wished you had a 150% instead of a 125%, so the importance of high crop bonus cannot be understated.

    With all level 18 croplands and Grain Mill and Bakery, and gold Crop production boost :-

      0%    – generates 45,000

      25%   – generates 52,500

      50%   – generates 60,000

      75%   – generates 67,500

      100% – generates 75,000

      125% – generates 82,500

      150% – generates 90,000

Once you have registered your account, go to the Travian crop finder tool and search for a 15 cropper near you with at least 100% crop bonus

If you don’t land within 15 squares of a good cropper, delete your account and register again, until you land on one close by.

The timing of when you register on the server matters too. If you’re a late comer, registering after 3 months into the server life, then chances are all the good spots would have been taken.

Don’t register on a server if you’re late. Wait for the next server to open and register early.

3 Responses to Choosing Your Capital

  1. Samuel says:

    I just started on us2. There is a 15 cropper three spaces away. Should I take that as my second village so no one else does?

    • admin says:

      Please see the village expansion guide. I definitely would take it, but it also depends on your playing strategy and whether you have the ability to grow and defend it.

  2. Matlo says:

    i have a question about the crop finder. it wont let me use my server only some india one can you help me?

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