For many, the end game is probably the most interesting and also the most mysterious part of Travian.

In this section, I will demystify the entire process of the end game. It should give you a good overall picture of how it all unfolds, but I will not go into detail yet, as the detailed strategies are explained in later sections.

The ultimate objective of every alliance in Travian is to be the first to build a level 100 World Wonder. The game ends when this is achieved and the alliance who first completes this task is declared the winner of the server.

A World Wonder is a very special structure and it can be built only in a Natar village. Natars are a computer controlled tribe and they don’t appear until around 300 days of server life.

This 300 days is only an approximate number. It can be more or less by five to ten days. I’ve seen Natars spawn on day 296, and at other times on day 305. I believe it is a manually controlled process, so it really depends on the mood of the administrator.

When Natars spawn on the map, it is what is known as the period of the end game. Natars spawn with 14 villages – one capital and thirteen World Wonder villages.

You cannot conquer a Natar capital, but all the thirteen villages will be conquered and players can build a World Wonder there. The location of the thirteen villages will be spread out across all quadrants of the map.

You can safely assume that every major alliance in every quadrant will have at least one World Wonder village.

A few days before Natars spawn, an official announcement will be made in the forum advising about the date when the endgame begins. Exactly when the announcement will be made is again a manual process.

Sometimes the announcement provides only 2 days notice, at other times, a full 7 days notice is given. It depends again on the administrator’s mood. But one thing is for sure. You must plan well ahead even before the forum announcement.

When Natars first spawn, a new tab will appear under the Statistics section. Click on Statistics and look for WW.

These will reveal the locations of the Natar capital and the thirteen World Wonder villages. But you cannot attack a Natar village yet. Natars enter the game with a short protection, similar to a beginner’s protection.

This protection period ranges from a few hours to around a day at most. All alliances can use this time to finalize their plans for conquering their World Wonder villages.

All thirteen Natar villages are well defended. You will need a sizable hammer to clean and conquer the villages. They do not have walls or residence, and Natars do not retrain defenders in their World Wonder village (ie, there is no barracks there).

All thirteen villages will eventually be conquered and Natars will be left with only one village, which is their capital. It is impossible to conquer or attack a Natar’s capital.

A player who conquered a Natar’s World Wonder village is called a World Wonder host. It is only in these World Wonder villages where it is possible to build a World Wonder.

The World Wonder village is a very special village with many unique characteristics. For example, troops only consume half the normal crop consumption and all build times are halved in a World Wonder village.

You cannot use gold to NPC resources and certain structures cannot be built in a World Wonder village – for example you cannot build a Palace and designate it as your capital. These unique characteristics will be explained later in detail.

Before you can build a World Wonder in a World Wonder village, you need a construction plan. Construction plans are held by Natars.

Construction Plans are not released until about 2 weeks after Natars spawn (14 days). Again, this is not an exact number, it can vary by one or two days from between 13 to 15 days or so.

The World Wonder host can use this time to begin building Great Granaries and Great Warehouses. He will need a warehouse capacity of at least 1 million resources in order to build the last level of the World Wonder (level 100).

There will not be an announcement in the forum when Construction Plans are released. Somewhere around the 13th day, begin checking the Treasury regularly and if they are released, you will see the locations of the plans there.

As with before, the Construction Plans are not immediately attackable due to a protection period. You will need to wait between a few hours to a day before the plans become attackable. Use this time to finalize your attack plans.

When the construction plans are released for attack, you will receive an in game notification from Travian.

Construction plans are placed in oases and the locations are not hidden. Their coordinates are printed in plain sight and you will have no trouble finding them. There are also thirteen plans and they are all very well guarded.

A detailed explanation on how to conquer the plan is explained later. Once the plans are conquered, the World Wonder host must hold one of the plans in order to build his World Wonder.

With the plans at hand, he may build his World Wonder until level 50. Thereafter, to continue building past level 50, another member of his alliance must also hold another Construction Plan. Therefore, his alliance must possess at least two plans in order to build the World Wonder past level 50.

This is where Natars come in too. As the World Wonder is built, Natars will attack it at every five levels. Whenever a World Wonder reaches level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on, Natars will launch two attacks at the World Wonder village.

The first is the cleaner, and the second is the catas. Their attacks become progressively more and more powerful the higher the level of the World Wonder.

Natars attack arrival times can be seen on the WW tab as seen below :-

However there is no need for concern about Natars damaging any structures, because they use very few catas. Their attacks will mainly kill defenders and never damage any structures.

At levels 95 onwards, Natars intensify their attacks and attack at every level at 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99.

The game ends when a player completes building a World Wonder level 100.

Natars will never attack any other players. They won’t attack you even if you attack them or scout them in their capital. Natars will only attack the World Wonder village as explained above.

Additionally, don’t try to attack Natars in their capital. You will just lose your hammer. Don’t reinforce a Natar village either. Your army will be killed the moment they arrive. You can scout Natars in their capital if you want. Even 20 scouts will do the trick.

All alliances will be racing to build their World Wonders to reach level 100. They need to attack their enemy’s World Wonder to prevent them from reaching level 100, and at the same time defend their own World Wonder from enemy attacks.

You can expect to find between one million to seven million defenders in a World Wonder village. They will also be attacking each other’s construction plan village as they try to steal each other’s plans to hinder progress.

The first player to build a World Wonder level 100 is declared the winner and the game ends. An announcement will be broadcasted with the winning alliance, the winning player, top attacker, top defender and among other things.

Once the game ends, all attacks that are enroute will have no effect, troops no longer starve, a lot of functions are disabled. You cannot change your village name, alliance details, remove or add sitter and so on. Its all frozen like you are banned, so make sure these are done before level 100 is reached as basically it’s the end of the server.

On average, the endgame lasts for about two months, so in total a server life is around one year. Typically the server will restart in between one to three weeks later.

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