Travian Tools and Utilities

Here’s a compilation of the Tools and Utilities to help in playing Travian.

Travian Crop Finder

One of the most useful tools for finding 9 and 15 cropper villages. Use this tool even before you signup to locate 100%, 125% and 150% cropper villages for your capital.


Travian Farm Finder

Use this tool to find inactive players. You can easily find farms (inactive players) to add to your list.


Travian Travel Calculator

Very useful tool for calculating travel attack times. If you’re under attack, this tool can tell you what kind of unit is attacking you – provided you spot the attack fast enough.


Travian World Analyzer

A very useful tool to tell you what’s happening on your server. You can find a player’s growth history and their village growth rate. This tool should be used with the Farm Finder to confirm if a player is inactive.


Combat Simulator

A third party combat simulator. This is very useful even for those who use Travian Plus because it can perform loyalty attack simulation and gold attack/defense bonus parameters.

To be honest, I’ve never used this tool as I’m pretty good at estimating loyalty attacks — but I can see its very useful if you’re new to conquering and need help estimating loyalty reduction.


NPC Tool

A time saving tool so you don’t need to manually calculate how to apportion resources for NPC.


Travian Troop Tool

This is a troop management tool for alliance use. You wouldn’t need this unless you’re an alliance leader. Many alliances use similar tools to track their troop counts. I’ve used this tool too, but the problem was players seldom updated their troop numbers.


Travian Battle Report Tool

For you to share the results of your battles. I think most will be familiar with this tool.


Travian Official Help

Every player should know this. Use it frequently to look up on building stats.


Gettertools – Archive Function

There are various tools in Gettertools, but the most important one is the access to the Archived Server Function. It allows you to access player statistics of servers that have already ended. This is useful to lookup the Natar village coordinates on a past server.

For example, click on this link. Then to lookup another server, click on Change Travian Server and then search for Natars. It will show all the coordinates of the WW villages.


Travian Assistant – Attack Monitor

This is a program based helper. Its an executable program that you download and install on your PC. Both free and paid versions are available and they can do some pretty neat stuffs. This has the Travian Attack Monitor.

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  1. Jen says:

    Are there any up-to-date crop finders? Or are they considered illegal now and I should just upgrade my account to use the in-game crop finder?

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