Defending Against Scouts

The Teuton scout, Gaul Pathfinder and Roman Equites Legati are equally effective as one another in scouting attacks/defense.

But yet the Teuton scout consumes only 1 crop. Teutons can support scout armies twice as big for the same crop consumption. For the most efficient scout defense, ask a Teuton to reinforce you with scouts.

Scouts are a special unit and upgrades in the armory/blacksmith improves their performance. The upgrades of both offense and defense are worthwhile and you should spend some resource upgrading them.

How many scouts does it take to kill off all attacking scouts?

Answer: 1.75 times more.

Example. If the attacker sends 100 scouts, then you need 175 defending scouts to kill all attacking scouts. This is base value not including upgrades, population, etc.

How many scouts does it take to kill at least 1 scout?

Answer: 15 scouts.

Keep a minimum of 15 defending scouts in your village because they will kill at least 1 attacking scout to receive a scouting attack report.

Hint:- You can use the combat simulator to simulate scout attacks.

Defense Structures

Walls are the most basic defense structure in the game. Always upgrade your walls to the maximum level 20 whenever possible.

The characteristics of walls:

Walls are important because most players do not attack with rams. This gives your defending army a very high defense bonus. It has the same effect of increasing the size of your defense army by 81 percent, 64 percent or 49 percent (depending on your tribe).

Some players will foolishly attack without rams. Walls are very effective in mowing down attackers without rams.

Some skilled attackers understand the effects of walls. Having a high defensive wall forces them to use rams, thus slowing down their attack speed.

The Roman City Wall provides the highest defense bonus but it is the easiest to destroy. My view is the Roman City Wall is the most useless of the three because it is just too easy to destroy with rams – thus removing the defense bonus.

The Teuton Earth Wall is very much better because it is very difficult to destroy. The Gaul Palisade is in between the two.

A common question players ask when under attack is, should you build walls or defenders?

Always build walls first over defenders. Having a few extra defenders won’t make a difference and they are easily killed. Once killed, you have to train defenders again and this means starting over again.

Having a higher wall level however means that even if you are unable to defend your village, but you still keep your upgraded walls. These can be used to defend when you are next attacked.

Of course, this assumes that the attacking army does not send rams at you. If that was the case, and if you’re asking whether to build walls or defenders, then it means that you’re being attacked by a far more powerful army – and that your defense is very much lacking.

Neither walls, nor a few extra defenders will make any difference at this point.

Regardless of tribe, walls is one of the structures I recommend you extend all the way to level 20 in all villages.

Walls also provide some culture points.

Granary is a very important structure in the defense of your village. You should strive to have at least two granaries in every village.

Granaries prepare your village to receive alliance crop so you may support large reinforcements. Key villages, such as your capital should have between 4 to 6 granaries.

Stonemason can be built only in the capital. A level 20 stonemason strengthens your village structure by 300 percent – so it requires 3x more catas to do the same damage.

Building a stonemason is definitely worth it, because it is cheap and had saved my capital from serious damage more than a few times.

Ensure that you build a stonemason before demolishing your Palace. Because it had saved me numerous times, a level 20 stonemason receives very high priority on my build list.

Defense Villages

Every player should have defense villages as explained under Section “4.1 Village Specialization”. How many defense village and when to start building them however is up to the individual.

My personal preference in the early game is one anti-infantry and one anti-cavalry village. But that eventually grows to three of each by end game. However, I don’t particularly focus on defense, because if you have a strong offense, no one in your neighborhood will attack you.

These defense villages are mostly for sending reinforcements to allied players under attack. When under coordinated attacks during an alliance war, you have to depend on your team members to send you reinforcements.

As a result, I build my defense villages quite late too, at around the 10th village onwards.

Do not mix anti-infantry and anti-cavalry troops in one village. Assuming they are based out of a 6c or 9c village, you will not have enough crop to build any meaningful defense.

So for Teutons, build up to maximum crop capacity one village for spearmen and another for Paladins. Build armory and gradually upgrade it to the maximum. Segregation also saves you the cost of upgrading both spearmen and paladins in the armory.

Do not build blacksmith in a defense village. Instead, it can be demolished once the stable has been built.

Likewise, do not build armory in your offense village.

At the end game, when you have already used your World Wonder hammer, ALL of your villages should be converted into defense village. Train defenders in every village and send them to your World Wonder village everyday.

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  1. cool warrior says:

    can we build stonemassion in mny villages by building and demolishing palace…?

  2. Ashir says:

    no. you just need 2 scouts to kill 1 scout. i am talking about T4

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