The Best Defenders

The strongest anti-infantry defenders are :-

  • Praetorian
  • Druidriders
  • Paladins

The strongest anti-cavalry defenders are :-

  • Spearman
  • Haeduan
  • Phalanx and Legionnaires

The strongest defense troop combination :-

  • Praetorian
  • Spearman

Although the paladin, phalanx and legionnaire ranks third as the best defenders in their category, but if possible, avoid using them as your primary defenders.

The best defense army you can muster is a combination of praetorians and spearmen. This gives you maximized defense points and a well rounded defense against any army type. They are also fast and cheap to produce.

Romans and Teutons should collaborate with mutual reinforcements. And it is this praetorian/spearman combination which is most preferred in defending World Wonder villages.

For Gauls, use druidriders and phalanx in large numbers. The Haeduan may be a strong anti-cavalry defender, but he is a very weak anti-infantry defender, making him a weak overall defender. He is not suitable in large numbers because of his high price and high crop consumption. The Haeduan should not be used as a defender unless in special situations.

The phalanx is the best well-rounded defender. He is cheap, fast to train and has a high travel speed.

Another important point to consider is the total defense point. Here is a table showing the combined defense points of defense units :-

Rank Infantry Defense
Cavalry Defense
Crop Consumption
Defense per Crop
1 Praetorian 65 35 100 1 100
2 Spearman 35 60 95 1 95
3 Phalanx 40 50 90 1 90
4 Legionnaire 35 50 85 1 85
4 Druidrider 115 55 170 2 85
5 Haeduan 50 165 215 3 71.6
6 Paladin 100 40 140 2 70
99 Settler 80 80 160 1 160

As you can see, the best defenders are the praetorian, spearman and phalanx.

The weakest defenders are the haeduan and paladin.

The settler is a special unit. Of all units, the settler has the highest defense points of 160, but he is extremely expensive and requires a free slot in the Residence or Palace. The settler is the strongest defender of all and suitable only for World Wonder defense.

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