Building the World Wonder Village

Once the Natar World Wonder village is conquered, it is a race to the end to see who will complete the level 100 World Wonder first.

In order to build the last level, or level 100, you need a Warehouse capacity of 1 million resources.

Your build order has to be super efficient so that you do not lose precious time building non-essential buildings.

Once you conquer a World Wonder village from Natars, your village loyalty will be zero. Your Main Building is at level 15 and there is no Rally Point. Your warehouse capacity is 91800 and granary 91800.

The buildings in a Natar World Wonder village will not level down when they are conquered. Additionally, you will have a bit of resources to start with due to the cranny.

From experience, once you conquer the World Wonder village, the first thing you will notice are the red flashing swords indicating incoming attacks to your village. The problem is, there is no Rally Point and you cannot see who is attacking you.

Don’t panic. They are probably just fake attacks sent by your enemy. Your World Wonder village is too far away from your enemies for them to be able to launch cata or chiefing attacks, so they are probably just faking you.

The Basic Building Blocks

Your first order is to build a Residence level 1. Catas could not reach you so quickly, but chiefing attacks without catas travel faster. Building a residence is a precaution from any chiefing attempts.

Then request for crop, resources and defenders from your alliance.

Then build Rally Point level 1.

Then build Main Building up to level 20.

Then build up the walls all the way up to level 20.

Simultaneously, take down the cranny.

Your priority is to complete the basic building structures above.

When the loyalty has reached 100 percent, also take down the Residence. There is no hurry for this though, but you should take it down because it has served its purpose and will free up a building slot and reduce the population size.

With that out of the way, your main task at hand can begin in earnest now.

Your objective is two fold. To build a warehouse capacity of 1 million resources so you can finish your Wonder. And to defend your World Wonder village from enemy attacks.

Remember at this point you don’t have the Construction Plans yet, so you can’t start building the World Wonder. The plans won’t be here for the next two weeks, so use this time to complete the Great Granaries and then start on the Great Warehouses.

Begin on the Great Granaries first. You will need them in order to feed your troops.

The snapshot above shows what my World Wonder looked like when first conquered. The first thing I built is the Residence to prevent it from being chiefed over. You will notice a Gaul army in there. Yes, I played as Gauls in one of my earlier servers. And that’s why I don’t recommend Gauls becoming WW hosts.

Building Great Granaries

I recommend that you build only 2 Great Granaries which will provide the following crop capacities:

Great Granary level 20 : 240,000
Great Granary level 20 : 240,000
Granary level 20 : 80,000 (inherit from Natars)
Granary level 10 : 11,800 (inherit from Natars)
Total capacity 571,800

Notice that I recommend building only two Great Granaries.

Some players build up to four or five Great Granaries. This is just silly, because no matter how big your granary capacity, troops will still starve anyway. Set this expectation that it is normal for starvation to happen big time in a World Wonder village.

I was able to support up to 6.5 million defenders in my World Wonder village with just two Great Granaries and a granary capacity of only 571,800. You don’t need 4 or 5 Great Granaries to support massive reinforcements.

If you still insist on building Great Granaries, then I suggest that it is better you use this time to build additional Great Warehouses instead. Because Great Warehouses will be attacked by your enemies.

Consider this. The build times for a level 20 Great Granary and Great Warehouse are as follows:

Great Granary : 68 hours, 16 minutes
Great Warehouse : 84 hours, 15 minutes

Building two Great Granaries will take 136 hours and 33 minutes – that’s about 5 days and 16 hours.

For the same amount of time, you can build one Great Warehouse level 20 and another Great Warehouse level 17. That’s an extra capacity of 377,100.

So even when the enemy comes tearing down your Great Warehouses, you are still not too far away from the needed 1 million capacity. That is a significant boost to increasing your chances of winning the World Wonder race because it significantly cuts down your build time.

Start by building the first Great Granary to level 20.

Then build a second Great Granary to level 20.

Once complete, then begin building the Great Warehouses.

Building Great Warehouses

As mentioned, you need a warehouse capacity of 1 million resources in order to build a World Wonder level 100.

The most efficient build path to 1 million resources is:

Great Warehouse level 20        240,000
Great Warehouse level 20 240,000
Great Warehouse level 20 240,000
Great Warehouse level 18 165,300
Warehouse level 20 80,000 (inherit from Natars)
Warehouse level 16 37,900 (inherit level 10 from Natars)
Total capacity 1,003,200
Total population (infrastructure)     168

Although this is the fastest path to 1 million resources, but I don’t recommend this build order. The reason is because you will be attacked and you will suffer damages to your Great Warehouses.

A level 20 Great Warehouse is a prized target, it presents the ultimate target for your enemy. It takes 12 hours, 29 minutes just to build a level 20 Great Warehouse. So losing a Great Warehouse from level 20 to 19 causes the highest loss in build time.

For this reason, you should not build a level 20 Great Warehouse if you can avoid it. Unfortunately, you need at least one level 20 Great Warehouse in order to build additional Great Warehouses.

So this is my recommended build composition for Great Warehouses. Ensure that you start on the Great Warehouses only after the Great Granaries are complete.

Great Warehouse level 18 165,300
Great Warehouse level 18 165,300
Great Warehouse level 18 165,300
Great Warehouse level 18 165,300
Great Warehouse level 18 165,300
Great Warehouse level 14 77,700
Warehouse level 20 80,000 (inherit from Natars)
Warehouse level 12 17,600 (inherit level 10 from Natars)
Total capacity 1,001,800
Total population (infrastructure)     192

There are three points to note here.

  • First, you need a level 20 Great Warehouse before you can build any additional Great Warehouses. In the composition above, you will notice there are no level 20 Great Warehouses.

    As soon as you complete building the first level 20 Great Warehouse, start on five level one Great Warehouses and level them up evenly.

  • Second, you can take it for granted that the level 20 Great Warehouse you built will be damaged sooner or later, and it will go down lower than level 18. That is for sure. Thereafter do not build any Great Warehouses higher than level 18.

    Why? Because it is better to let the enemy shave off a level 18 Great Warehouse than a level 20 Great Warehouse. You don’t lose as much build time.

  • Third, the composition above is not the shortest path to 1 million capacity. This composition actually takes longer to build and you need to spend more time extending croplands too because of the higher population.

But it is the most efficient path after you factor in that you will be attacked. The most that the enemy can do is damage your level 18 Great Warehouses. At least you don’t have level 20 Great Warehouses for them to damage.

Its like building one super large battleship versus spreading them to ten smaller ships.

Somewhere along the line, while you are building Great Warehouses, the Construction Plans will be released. See the chapter on Construction Plans for detailed information on conquering it.

Once you have the Construction Plan, you can begin building your World Wonder.

My World wonder as it neared completion. Notice the small granary capacity of 571,400. Yet I could support 6.5 million defenders by the time my wonder reached level 96.

Building the World Wonder

You can begin building the World Wonder when you have a Construction Plan.

There are two ways you can approach the building of your Wonder.

The first way is to build infrastructure first. Build all the Great Warehouses until you have reached a capacity of 1 million. Once all Great Warehouses are complete, then build the World Wonder.

Once you begin building the World Wonder, you no longer need to stop for infrastructure, except for croplands which are very quick to build.

Using this method, you will be seen to be lagging behind. While others may appear to have advanced World Wonder levels, but your Wonder is still at level zero.

But this does not mean that you are behind in the race. Because others have to stop sooner or later to build the Great Warehouses, and that is the time when you will overtake them.

The advantage is, because your Wonder appears to be behind in the race, so it does not attract attention. With this, you will attract less attacks. I have seen many World Wonder races won this way.

History has shown that the highest leading Wonder always gets attacked first. And they are seldom the winners because they are the first to fall. Being at the front attracts too much attention.

The disadvantage is this causes poor morale among your alliance members. Many players don’t understand how the World Wonder race is played, so they might think that you are far behind.

You will receive many annoying messages asking why you haven’t started your Wonder Wonder yet. What’s the holdup? Are you short of resources and what’s wrong and so on?

This causes poor morale and morale is a very, very important aspect in the end game. If your players are not motivated enough to constantly send you crop, troops and resources, you cannot build a meaningful defense.

The other way is to use staggered building. This method requires you to extend the Great Warehouses, and then the World Wonder in a lockstep manner.

This means your Wonder is quick to rise initially, but it loses momentum the higher it gets. It can be severely slowed down even at past level 90 when you need to stop to build high level Great Warehouses.

It’s the opposite of the infrastructure method. You will receive a lot of cheers and encouragement as almost everyone thinks you are leading. Due to good morale, you will receive more crop, more troops and more resources.

All is fine and dandy, until you are attacked. And this will cause you to be stuck at your current level because you have to repair your Great Warehouses. You can be stuck at the same level for over a week and its at this stage that you will see your opponent from far behind overtake you.

He will then be catapulted and he too will be stuck there. The two of you can rebuild and others will overtake you. The cycle continues until there are no more hammers.

So which method should you use? Infrastructure first or staggered building?

Your alliance needs to use a combination of both building methods.

As the Lead Wonder, you will use the staggered building method and surge ahead. You will be the bait to take the brunt of attacks to kill off enemy hammers. You might still complete the race, but not just yet.

Place a moderate defense there, around 4 to 5 million defenders when your Wonder goes past level 80 to minimize the damage. After the attacks have passed, withdraw them and send the defenders to your next World Wonder host. Keep a defense of about 1.5 to 2 million defenders.

As the Backup Wonder, you are next in line, behind your lead Wonder. Make sure you keep a comfortable margin behind your Lead Wonder to prevent the both of you from being attacked the same time. Remember you can slow the building of your Wonder by building more infrastructure. You too will use the staggered building method and will take the second salvo of attacks. When the attacks have passed, withdraw your defenders and send them to your next World Wonder host in line. It is quite unlikely that you will complete the race.

As the Decoy Wonder, you will be the last to build your Wonder. You will use the infrastructure first method, but you need to build more Great Warehouses than necessary to absorb the attacks. Definitely build more than 1 million capacity. You have the biggest chance of completing the race.

You will receive lesser attacks, but most alliances will keep their biggest hammers for last (if they know what they’re doing). You need the highest amount of defenders too, as much as you can gather – up to 6 to 7 million or more.

If the enemy falters at this stage and have only small hammers to attack you with, then coupled with your extra Great Warehouses, you can quickly repair the damages and hopefully be able to complete the race.

If as the Decoy Wonder and you are hit hard, then withdraw your defenses and send them to the Lead Wonder. By now, he would be the leader because he’s had the most time to repair his damages.

The cycle continues until there are no more hammers. And one finally reaches level 100.

Whether you are the lead, backup, or decoy wonder, you need to use different building methods. Your alliance leaders need to decide on who plays which role.

See the section later under Planning and Winning.

One last note is regarding the Travian Plus build queue. Activating Travian Plus allows you to build one structure and queue up another structure. When the existing structure completes, the next structure automatically starts building.

There is a one minute gap in between each queue. When one structure completes building, it stops for one minute before the next structure begins. You do not see the time as stopped, its just that one minute has been added to the total build time.

This means that for every level you build using the Travian Plus build queue, you lose one minute. One minute may not seem much, but it is a lot when you have to build five level 18 Great Warehouses, two Great Granaries, croplands and one level 100 World Wonder.

They add up to about 5 hours of build time, and I have seen the race won with a mere 2 hour difference.

You will still need to use the build queue but here is what I do in order to reduce the lost time. I will still queue two buildings, and if I happen to be online when the structure is about to complete, 10 seconds before I will cancel the queue.

As soon as the building completes, then I will immediately start the next structure and queue up another. This means you do not lose the one minute waiting time in between queues.

You will lose some resources, but resources are hardly a matter because your warehouses are always overflowing. The more pressing matter is crop. If you do not have sufficient crop in your granaries, then don’t cancel it otherwise you won’t be able to start off the next building.

Your granaries are constantly low or empty due to the high crop consumption.

The snapshot above shows my wonder reaching level 95. Those are crucial levels. Start screaming for defenses. Ask for horses too and take all you can. If you are hit hard, send back the defenders and keep only 2 million. The returned defenders can be used to defend your next Wonder in line. If you don’t send back the defenders, your alliance will be hard pressed for defenders to support so many wonders.

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