Ten Days Domination Guide

Getting ahead and staying ahead in Travian requires a certain kind of discipline. Not a militaristic kind of do-it or peel potatoes, but a personal dedication to achievement that can only occur when commitment is present.

You need to be super active during this time, and preferably have your PC switched on while you do your work.

The timing of when you register on the server also has a direct influence on your ability to keep up. So if you registered on day seven, it’s almost impossible to be the first to found a 2nd village when others would be founding their 2nd village one day after you register.

Day One – The Taskmaster

The best time to register is on day three of the server. Why day three?

The beginner’s protection is 3 days, and by registering on day three, some players who registered on day one are just exiting their protection. So you will have players to farm.

Registering later than day 3, such as day on 5 or day 7 makes it very difficult to catch up with those who registered earlier. Don’t expect to be among the first to found a 2nd village if you registered one week late. But if that’s not important to you, then you can register at anytime during the early game.

Preferably you should register in the morning. You have a full day ahead.

Day one, you begin the game with 750 units of each resource (wood/clay/iron/crop).

You will want to follow some of the instructions given by the Taskmaster because as you complete them, you will be rewarded with resources, gold, Travian plus and others. Taskmaster’s tasks have been listed down along with the reward for easy reference.

For a Teuton, the Taskmaster has 22 tasks in total. Follow tasks 1 to 10 in order. Here they are :-

  Task No.   Task Your Reward
1 Extend Woodcutter L1 Instantly completed
2 Extend Cropland L1 Travian Plus for 1 day
3 Change Village Name Free resource 30/60/30/20
4 Enter player rank Free resource 40/30/20/30
5 Extend Iron Mine L1 Free resource 50/60/30/30
Extend Clay Pit L1
6 Read message Gift 20 gold
7 Look for neighbor Free resource 60/30/40/90
8 Send 200 crop to taskmaster 1 rat (nature reinforcement)
9 Extend Woodcutter L1 Free resource 100/80/40/40
Extend Clay Pit L1
Extend Iron Mine L1
Extend Cropland L1
10 Wait for 12 hours Travian Plus for 2 days

Task 10 requires you to wait for 12 hours. While waiting, build two Cropland L1 and then Main Building because you will need to climb the tech tree in order to build barracks.

    Extend Cropland L1
Extend Cropland L1
Extend Main Building L2
Extend Main Building L3

You will probably run out of resource at this point, so there is nothing else to do but to wait for 12 hours.


If you have not already done so, you can use this time to download and install the Travian Graphic pack. Also set your timezone. Ensure you use a 24 hour military time format so there is no confusion about AM/PM times.

As soon as 12 hours have passed, and the reinforcement has arrived, you can continue with Task 11.

  11   Read report Free resource 75/140/40/230
12 Extend everything to L1

Do not execute Task 12. This is where you will stop following the Taskmaster’s guide and take a different approach altogether.

You need to start farming as soon as possible. Building barracks gets top priority. You need a Rally Point to build barracks.

    Extend Rally Point L1

It would probably be late now, so you can call it a day. And continue on Day 2 while your resources accumulate overnight.

Day Two – Clubswinger Rush

Your objective for day 2 is to train some clubswingers and start raiding. Build a barracks.

    Extend Barracks L1
Train 2 clubswingers.

Prepare for raiding. It’s a busy day ahead. Begin by creating an Excel Spreadsheet to record your farms. This is going to be a time consuming, but necessary task.

Here’s what your Excel sheet should look like :-

Please read the section on How To Raid Like a Top Robber because that explains how you should raid.

Raid every eligible player, including those who belong to alliances. At this stage of the game, an alliance cannot/will not help their alliance members. Do not show mercy for the weak, or you will not be an effective raider.

Here’s what my spreadsheet looks like. This is an ACTUAL spreadsheet.

Due to lack of space, I compressed the columns in the screenshot above. And the actual spreadsheet is actually three times longer than what is shown here. The topmost section is my immediate 7 x 7 grid. Followed by my Eastern 7 x 7. Then Northern 7 x 7 and so on. Then it is followed by my North Eastern 7 x 7, and North Western 7 x 7 and so on.

There are almost 200 players registered in this spreadsheet. Then I begin to highlight red those whom I intend to raid or about to exit their beginner’s protection.

The spreadsheet is sectionalized by zones. The topmost section is my immediate 7 x 7. Then the 7 x 7 to my North, West, East and South are recorded. Then the 7 x 7 in the NE, NW, SE and SW of my location are recorded.

Record every player in your entire 21 x 21 grid.

You will find most players are still under beginner’s protection. And you may need to raid further away, possibly out of your 21 x 21 grid.

When you raid, send a minimum of 2 clubswingers. Sending only 1 clubswinger will always die.

Avoid Gauls for the time being, until you have at least 100 clubswingers. Raid the closest Roman or Teuton. Look for players with 2 population. There will be a few who are not under beginner’s protection.

As soon as your troops return, train more clubs. And send them out to raid again. Rinse and repeat – non-stop.

Let me emphasize, the key here is you gotta raid like there’s no tomorrow.

By day end, I have 10 clubswingers, but you could have more if you are hardworking enough. Also by day end, I managed to build the following :-

    Extend Cropland L1
Extend Cropland L1
Extend Cropland L2
Extend Cropland L2

Day Three – More Clubswinger Rush

Your objective for day 3 is to build up some infrastructure, train more clubs, and do more raids. You will run into negative crop. Do not be afraid to run into negative crop.

To make it easier, I activate Travian Plus sometime on day 3. You do not have enough gold, so buy 600 pieces of gold – it is the most value for money.

Continue to raid non-stop. Pay attention to players who are exiting their beginner’s protection, especially those with 2 population. They are rich farms indeed.

You will need a bigger Warehouse and Granary capacity as you find resources are pretty imbalanced – too much iron, too little wood. NPC as needed, but in order to NPC, you need a marketplace. To build a marketplace, you need Warehouse and Granary.

Here’s my build order for day 3 :-

    Extend Warehouse L1
Extend Granary L1
Extend Marketplace L1 Achieved in early morning
NPC resources
Train more clubswingers
Extend Woodcutter L1
Extend Woodcutter L1
Extend Clay Pit L1
Extend Clay Pit L1
Extend Cropland L2
Extend Cropland L2
Extend Cropland L2
Extend Cropland L2 At this point all croplands are L2
Extend Iron Mine L1
Extend Iron Mine L1 At this point, all res fields are L1

Having achieved this, Taskmaster task 12 (everything to 1) is complete. Don’t forget to collect your reward by clicking on the taskmaster. Then continue with the Taskmaster’s assignment while raiding and training more clubswingers.

  Task No.   Task Your Reward
12 Extend everything to L1
(already done)
Free resource 75/80/30/50
13 Dove of Peace Free resource 120/200/140/100
14 Extend Cranny L1 Free resource 150/180/30/130
15 Extend Woodcutter L2 Free resource 60/50/40/30
Extend Clay Pit L2
Extend Iron Mine L2
16 How much barracks cost? Free resource 50/30/60/20

Need to extend the Warehouse and Granary again due to raiding capacity. But the Cropland has to go up first due to lack of food.

  Extend Cropland L3
Extend Warehouse L2
Extend Granary L2

Then back to Taskmaster’s assignment.

  Task No.   Task Your Reward
17 Extend Main Building to L3
(already done)
Free resource 75/75/40/40
18 Look up player rank Free resource 100/90/100/60
19 Extend Rally Point L1
(already done)
Free resource 80/90/60/40
20 Extend Barracks L1
(already done)
Free resource 70/100/90/100
21 Train 2 clubswingers
(already done)
Free resource
22 Extend everything to L2

Do not execute Task 22. You need croplands more due to your growing army. What I did was, I built more croplands.

    Extend Cropland L3
Extend Cropland L3

By this time, its evening and I have over 30 clubswingers. Continue to raid. You need to climb the tech tree further to research scouts. You need resources.

    Extend Main Building L4
Extend Main Building L5
Extend Barracks L2
Extend Barracks L3
Extend Cropland L3
Research scout in Academy

By now, its late at night. And I finish day 3 with 45 clubswingers. To achieve this, the key again is to raid, raid, raid. You have to be very active with raiding.

Research the scout just before shutting down. It will take an hour and 40 minutes, so you can leave it overnight. Tomorrow, we will train scouts.

59 Responses to Ten Days Domination Guide

  1. somebody says:

    Mr. Peter

    You said : Day Two – Clubswinger Rush

    Your objective for day 2 is to train some clubswingers and start raiding. Build a barracks.

    Extend Barracks L1
    Train 2 clubswingers.

    Prepare for raiding

    how can i raid ,, if i’m in a protection?
    if i raid players the protection will remove from my village
    this is in Travian verison 4

    please give us a new strategy for T4

    and thank you so much

    • admin says:

      You can raid even if you’re in protection. But the moment you do, you’ll lose your beginner’s protection. That shouldn’t stop you from raiding though, coz if you’re worried about beginner’s protection, then you’re playing a defensive game. Defense is not what I’d recommend. There’s no difference in the ten days start up with T4 or T3.5.

      • Avishay says:

        Peter, i think that when you play on T4, it’s better to start at day1 than day3. in T3 the only reason to do that was that you could farm without being farmed, but at T4 whenever you attack someone you lose the protection.

        one more thing – the entire guide here… is it applied to the speed servers or to the regular ones? (build clubbies on day2, scout at day4 and so on…)

        • admin says:

          The assumption is based on non-speed and does not apply to speed servers.
          btw, starting on day 1 or day 3 has nothing to do with your own beginner’s protection. It really has to do with other people’s protection. Starting on day 1 means you can’t farm until you’re at day 4. Starting on day 3 means you get to farm immediately. Anyway, day1 or day 3 doesn’t matter at all in the long run…

  2. Moe Habd says:

    How is the 600 hold package more value to the 1600 gold package?

    If you do how much gold per dollar you get:
    600g / $25 – 24
    1600g / $62.5 – 25.6

    Its a small difference but when you get the 1600g package you get about 90 gold more then when you get the 600g package.

  3. The Enigma says:

    Why start on day 3? for the first 3 days while everyone is in protection you can be building up wheat fields and training clubbies

  4. Bob says:

    Hello there,i find your guide very helpin.

    I want to ask tho,is it possible on day 5 someone to have 150 clubs and 60 axes?Cos i have a guy attackin me with that kind of army.

    • anon says:

      If it’s on a speed server then yes, definetly, on a normal server, still possible, some people have accoutnts with more than a single player on them called duals. If they use this to be able to stay on 24/7, then can just keep raiding and raiding and raiding, by doing this they can gain resources much faster than waiting for resource fields, but it’s much harder work.

  5. Koko says:

    Mr. Peter, how come the protection is like two weeks long and not 3 days in classic server 2?

    • admin says:

      The length of the protection period depends on when you register your account. The later you register in the server life, the longer the beginner’s protection.

  6. edz says:

    how can i attack if everyone in my area is under beginner’s protection? i started day 1.

  7. Kshitiz says:

    If i am not wrong you strated on day 1 in ts4 in gaul tribe. In the early game there are various oases nearby you. If you haven’t researched sworsdman then its better to attack only empty oases.

  8. Alan says:

    If beginner’s protection is 3 days… I would like to add that you cannot attack anyone else while you yourself are under protection. So how is any of this possible?

    • A-V says:

      Wrong. You can attack anyone whos not in beginner protection, regardless of your protection. But as soon as you attack someone else, your protection is gone forever.

  9. Samuel says:

    You can’t really do this with the Romans… sucks

    • Morten says:

      Absolutely doable also for Romans, tried a few years back to verify.
      A bit more planning and careful attacking the first few days, then get into Imperians and it starts paying off :)

  10. kshitiz says:

    You might see raids of 10k in day 1 by top players. By day 3, it reaches to 75-125k. There is no other options than farming on a oases.

  11. Stranger says:

    If you´re under protection in T4 (and you´re playing for teutons), you can raid the oasis. If thereˇre some animals, that´s better! You will get some attack points.
    Don´t be afraid to lose some clubs – you may get 4-6k of resources.
    Just do it for 3 days. Then no-one in your area will be under protection and you can raid them. Oasis are still good! Send there about 5-10 clubs a few hours.
    In T4 is a little different strategy – for example I rather start that day, when server starts in 2p.m. and raid, raid and raid 😉

    I started a 3 days ago on one server, I´m not super active teuton and I´ve raid about 45k resources.
    But I´m still learning :)

    Thank you so much for this travian secrets guide :)

    Ps. sorry for my english, it´s not my first language ;x

  12. noobie says:

    some people r saying always 24/7?
    wat is meant by 24/7?
    can u plz explain to me plz?

  13. Thomas says:

    I am a gaul and after 3 days I have 60 phanlaxes and a pop of 142 is this good?

  14. Thomas says:

    P.s I also have 15 swordsmen

  15. felix says:

    Hello, you have to really be gold users to be ranked below 500?

  16. felix says:

    PS I have read the whole guide and it was very good, thank you so much!!
    I’ll check if the book is available at my home.

  17. non-gold user says:

    You do not need gold to be in the top 500. On a current server of mine, around 70 days old, I have been moving around between rank 110 and 150 and I do not buy gold.

    I play defensively (usually Gauls), and focus on fields for the first couple weeks. I get my 2nd vil at around week 3. After pushing many resources to it and getting it’s fields high, I have dropped to around rank 500. In thenext 2 weeks I drop to 400, then I get my 3rd vil and drop to 200. 150 and below after 4th vil.

    I don’t raid. I maintain a large enough army (phalanxes) to not be a farm and that is it. I stay out of conflicts and do my best to befriend nearby giants (so they won’t catapult me).

    When I reach my 6th or 7th vil, I have a huge production and I start to focus on troops, etc.

  18. travain leader says:

    on t4 you start 2 hours late and raid like superman raiding oasis only animal less then after bp raid anyone
    p.s you can tell smart from the dumb by looking at top raiders while everyone is in b.p

  19. travain leader says:

    in t4 raiding from day 1 can mean you have 80 clubs

  20. Rakirs says:

    This is really helpful, but I go to school and can’t play during school hours. My school hours are 7:30-3:05 (time I leave and get home) and I cannot go online in the morning (not allowed). I will probably slow down on this, but I want to atleast get in the top 100 and get in the top alliance later in the game. Is this what I should do?

  21. Alex says:

    Let me tell you something about T4. In the first days it is very important to perform the advatures. When your hero go level 1 and get book you put all points in the strenght! Then you kill the animals in the oasises and after that you rob it. In speed server by day one i had 110-120 clubs by only doing it :).

  22. hail me here says:

    I prefer starting to raid in first day ( normal server , not t4 ) I build main building , rally point , then barracks . then I get 2 clubs .
    I start raiding and building clubs more and more until crop minus is as minimum about – 50 then I start building some buildings in about the same way as you .
    It is bigger risk , but if you get lucky and that first 2 troops have good robber it is weary fast to expand .

    If you dont believe me I can say that I start with this strategy all the time and if I have enough time to farm I usually get as minimum 15 robber medals in the row .

    by that time I usually get lot of enemies and they start to destroy me or something like that . My problem is limited time and that I play ALONE with no sitters , no duals .

  23. looking for dual says:

    anyone interested in duals???

    contact me on saad.shahzad@hotmail.com or under the name of angryman and angryfighter on ts4 and ts8 respectively…Igm me…I am a defensive palyer however wil change my strategy in the next server..plz contact

    • looking for dual says:

      just signed up on com9..looking for duals and am offensive their…

      • William Ryoo says:

        I am interested… even though my reply is over 1 year later…
        I can do speed or normal, but I need to get used to the new outlay of the travian servers… so if you can, classic. But otherwise, I am very flexible with your tribe choices but since I am in school still, I might not be able to play 24/7 like peter here used to.

  24. somebody says:

    hell..ev3yone is under BP the closest farm I can make is 7 hrs away…:(

  25. Thunder TTT says:

    Is it posible that when you are going off your computer and you send troops to a far away over night that someone attacks you, raids all your croop and your troops starve to death since we are in the minus croop production and have no croop(all croop we had was raided)?

    • Drunkard says:

      actually this is a good question and I’m surprised no one answered you

      first, get a cranny. I usually try to have a cranny that will protect about 6 hours of negativity while I go to sleep. that way you’d have to be very unlucky to have troops starving when you wake up

      second, depending on just how negative you are, you can always switch the hero’s resource production into crop while you sleep (assuming you’re playing t4 and havn’t used your book yet)

      I also wanted to mention my thoughts on the start time debate. The problem with starting in week 2 or even later is that the oasis progressively fill up with more animals and progressively respawn animals more quickly

      on day 1 a clay oasis may have 15 to 20 animals, but on day 8 it’s more likely that there will be 30 or 40 animals in there… not nearly as fun

      however, starting in the first minute of a server means that there will be a vast stretch of empty land between you and the center, which means less farming after bp wears off. but on the other hand you will be close enough to the grey with all of its double oasis (yummy). personally, I like to start about 12 hours after server start if possible, but more importantly about 3 hours before i go to sleep so that i can finish the first 21 quests and then wake up the next day fresh and ready to farm 😀

  26. travian says:

    hi peter,in my opinion starting at week 2 is much better than day 1 .here are my reasons :
    1.at week 1 the competition is much more than week 2, there are so many insane players who train clubswingers and raid just like you so there are no noticeable recourse left for you like week 2.
    2.at week 2 the circle of map is bigger than week 1.so we can conclude that at week 1 all surrounding players (include both players closer to center of map and farther players) have sign up approximately at then same time and their beginner protections expire on after the other very fast thus you can have not enough time to raid all these players at the same time so the other rivals will participate raiding your targets .but at week 2 the different expire time between the closer villages to the center than you and farther villages are more .therefore you can raid the forward villages and gain recourse and prepare yourself for the backward villages step by step and gradually with enough time and soldiers .hence you can raid all the villages just yourself before the others
    that’s why i always start a server at week 2 . is it reasonable ?!

  27. entrepenuerworld@hotmail.com says:

    great I thank you for the time and effort you have put into training us bless you

  28. Kyrill says:

    Hello peter
    thank you for this amazing really amazing guide ..
    i just wanted to ask you .. whats the difference between ur book and this website …. does it contain more information and details than this … 😀
    please awaiting ur reply
    and thanks again

    • admin says:

      Its essentially the same. The book has a bit more info on the end game, and a bit more updated attack strategies, but other than that its essentially the same.

  29. Gerrit Van Beek says:

    i personaly think that in Travian 4 you should register on day 3 because it puts you farther away from the center, therefore you wont be so close to the (0|0) and you will be closer to the (100|100)

  30. uzi says:

    0|0 is the hotzone. got my first club training 4 mins in the game on T4 uk1. i stopped when it said extend all resource tiles to lvl 1 . this is a really good way to start off

  31. uzi says:

    dex is starting on the 22nd june as T3.6

  32. Matlo says:

    Thankyou for this wonderful guide it has helped me very much so far.

  33. Matlo says:

    how did you find enough resources to reaserch scout?

  34. Shadefinder says:

    Can you start making the spreadsheet on day one?
    I started on day 8 in the com5 server

  35. Tanmeet Singh says:

    i want to play dual.stated playing in3 server with a offensive strategy.if anybody want to join then reply me below the comment.
    and thanx to peter for sharing his experience.

  36. cool warrior says:

    in travian 4 the task has been changed to…
    Task 1: Woodcutter
    „There are four green forests around your village. Construct a woodcutter on one of them. Lumber is an important resource for our new settlement.”
    Order: Construct a woodcutter.
    Task reward: Woodcutter instantly completed.

    Task 2: Crop
    „Now your subjects are hungry from working all day. Extend a cropland to improve your subjects’ supply. Come back here once the building is complete.”
    Order: Extend one cropland
    Task reward: 1 day Travian Plus.

    Task 3: Your Village’s Name
    „Creative as you are, you can grant your village the ultimate name.
    Just double click on the signpost with the village name…”
    Order: Change your village’s name to something nice
    Task reward: 130 160 130 100

    Task 4: Rally Point
    „In your surroundings, there are many mysterious places for you to explore. To prepare for these adventures, you need a rally point.
    The rally point must be built on a specific building site in your village centre. The building site is located on the right side of the main building, slightly below it. The building site itself is curved.”
    Order: Build the rally point
    Task reward: Rally Point instantly completed.

    Task 5: Go Adventuring
    „Adventures can only be done by your hero. Look on the map for a nearby adventure. With some luck you´ll find a treasure.”
    Order: Start your first adventure.

    Task 6: Other Players
    „In Travian, you play with a lot of other players. Click ‘statistics’ in the top menu to look up your rank and enter it here.”
    Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here. Hint: “Here” means the white blank under the task screen. When you’re done, click the “complete task” button.
    Task reward: 80 110 60 40

    Task 7: Two Building Orders
    „Build an iron mine and a clay pit. Of iron and clay one can never have enough. Thanks to the Plus account I gave you a short while ago, you can give both orders right away.”
    * Extend one iron mine.
    * Extend one clay pit.
    Task reward: 150 160 130 150

    Task 8: Messages
    „You can talk to other players using the messaging system. I sent a message to you. Read it and come back here.”
    Order: Read your new message.
    Task reward: 20

    Task 9: One Each.
    „In Travian there is always something to do! While you are waiting for the result of your adventure, build an additional woodcutter, clay pit, iron mine and cropland to level 1.”
    Order: Extend one more of each resource tile to level 1.
    Task reward: 100 120 40 40

    Task 10: Neighbours
    „Around you, there are many different villages. One of them is named xxx`s village.
    Click on ‘map’ in the header menu and look for that village. The name of your neighbours’ villages can be seen when hovering your mouse over any of them.”
    Order: Look for the coordinates of xxx`s village and enter them here. Hint: Fill the white blank with the coordinate of this player. When you’re done, click the “complete task” button.
    Task reward: 60 30 40 90

    Task 11: Change Hero’s Production
    „Hero’s like you are not only great adventurers, but also great workers and can produce resources. At the moment, you are producing one of each type.”
    Order: Change the resource production of your hero in the hero settings.
    Task reward: 200 of the resource you changed it to (so for example 200 in case your hero produce now lumber).

    Task 12: Read Adventure Report
    „You finished your adventure with success. Read the report to find out details about this adventure.”
    Order: Read adventure report. Hint: You can see these by clicking on the 5th button (from left to right).
    Task reward: 75 140 40

    Task 13: 2nd Adventure
    „Since your last adventure was a huge success, we´ll go on another adventure.”
    Order: Send your hero on another adventure.

    Task reward: 2 days Travian Plus.

    Task 14: Everything to 1.
    „Now we should increase your resource production a bit. Extend all your resource tiles to level 1.”
    Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 1.
    Task reward: 75 120 30 50

    Task 15: Dove of Peace
    „The first few days after signing up, you are protected from attacks by your fellow players. You can see how long this protection lasts by adding the code [#0] to your profile.”
    Order: Write the code [#0] into your profile by adding it to one of the two description fields. Hint: You’ll see a white dove in your profile after complete doing this. If the dove is a bit dark that mean you still have the protection. If the dove is lighter, that mean you have no longer beginner protection)
    Task reward: 120 200 140 100

    Task 16: Cranny
    „It’s time to construct a cranny. The world of Travian is dangerous.
    Many players live by stealing other players’ resources. Build a cranny to hide some of your resources from enemies.”
    Order: Construct a cranny
    Task reward: 150 180 30 130

    Task 17: To Two!
    „In Travian, there is always something to do! Extend one woodcutter, one clay pit, one iron mine and one cropland to level 2 each.”
    Order: Extend one of each resource tile to level 2.
    Task reward: 60 50 40 30

    Task 18: Instructions
    „In the in-game instructions, you can find short information texts about different buildings and types of units.
    Click on the black book down in the left corner to find out how much lumber is required for the barracks.”
    Order: Enter how much lumber the barracks costs.
    Task reward: 50 30 60 20

    Task 19: Main Building
    „Your master builders need a main building level 3 to erect important buildings such as the marketplace or barracks.”
    Order: Extend your main building to level 3.
    Task reward: 75 75 40 40

    Task 20: Advanced!
    „Look up your rank in the player statistics again and enjoy your progress.”
    Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here.
    Task reward: 100 90 100 60

    Task 21: Weapons or Dough
    „Now you have to make a decision: either trade peacefully or become a dreaded warrior.
    For the marketplace you need a granary, for troops you need a barracks.”
    Order: You must choose from the 2 types of growth, economy or military, if you choose economy so go to Task 21a, if you choose military, go to Task 21b.
    Task reward: 80 90 60 40

    Task 21a:
    „Trade & economy was your choice. Golden times await you for sure!”
    Order: Construct a granary
    Task reward: 80 90 60 40

    Task 21b:
    „A brave choice. To build troops you need a barracks.”
    Order: Build barracks.
    Task reward: 70 100 90 100

    Task 22a: Warehouse (continue from quest 21a)
    „Crop isn’t the only resource which must be saved; other resources can go to waste as well if they are not stored correctly. Construct a warehouse!”
    Order: Build a warehouse
    Task reward: 70 120 90 50

    Task 22b: Train. (continue from quest 21b)
    „Now that you have a barracks, you can start training troops. Train two Phalanxes / Clubswingers / Legionaires” (based on your tribe).”
    Order: Train 2 Phalanxes / Clubswingers / Legionaires
    Task reward: 300 320 360 570

    Task 23a: Marketplace (continue from quest 22a)
    „Build a marketplace so you can trade with other players.”
    Order: Build a marketplace.
    Task reward: 700 200 700 450

    Task 23b: Build a city wall / earth wall / palisade (based on your tribe). (continue from quest 22b)
    „Now that you have trained some soldiers, you should build a city wall / earth wall / palisade too. It increases the base defence and your soldiers will receive a defensive bonus.”
    Order: Build a city wall / earth wall / palisade.
    Task reward: 200 120 180 80

    From here on you can decide yourselves in which order you want to finish your tasks. You will get a list with open tasks and can choose one to work on:

    Task 24: Everything to 2!
    „Now it’s time again to extend the cornerstones of might and wealth! This time level 1 is not enough… it will take a while but in the end it will be worth it. Expand all your resource tiles to level 2.”
    Order: Expand all resource tiles to level 2.
    Task reward: 15

    Task 25. Embassy
    „The world of Travian is dangerous. You already built a Cranny to protect your resources against attackers. A good alliance will give you even better protection.
    To accept invitations from alliances, build an embassy.”
    Order: Build an embassy.
    Reward: 200 120 180 80

    Task 26: Alliance
    „Teamwork is important in Travian. Players who work together organise themselves in alliances.
    Get an invitation from an alliance in your region and join this alliance. Alternatively, you can found your own alliance. To do this, you need a level 3 embassy.”
    Order: Join an alliance or found one on your own.
    Reward for joining an alliance: 240 280 180 100

    Task 27: 10 Adventures!
    „You can always find new adventures on the map. Master 10 to become an experienced hero.
    As your adventures progress, they will become more and more difficult. Remember to add some points to your hero’s fighting strength, so he doesn’t die as easily. The stronger he is, the more resilient an adventurer he will become!”
    Order: Survive 10 adventures.
    Reward: 500

    Task 28: Main Building to Level 5.
    „To be able to build a palace or residence, you´ll need a main building at level 5.”
    Order: Upgrade your main building to level 5.
    Reward: 600 750 600 300

    Task 29: Granary to Level 3.
    „That you don´t lose crop, you should upgrade your granary.”
    Order: Upgrade your granary to level 3.
    Reward: 900 850 600 300

    Task 30: Warehouse to Level 7.
    „To make sure your resources won’t overflow, you should upgrade your warehouse.”
    Order: Upgrade your warehouse to level 7.
    Reward: 1800 2000 1650 800

    Task 31: All to five.
    „You will always need more resources. Resource tiles are quite expensive but will always pay out in the long term.”
    Order: Upgrade all resources tiles to level 5.
    Reward: 1600 1800 1950 1200

    Task 32: Palace or Residence?
    „To found a new village, you´ll need settlers. Those you can train in either a palace or a residence.”
    Order: Build a palace or residence to level 10.
    Reward: 3400 2800 3600 2200

    Task 33: 3 settlers.
    „To found a new village, you´ll need settlers. You can train them in the palace or residence.”
    Order: Train 3 settlers.
    Reward: 1050 800 900 750

    Task 34: New Village.
    „There are a lot of empty tiles on the map. Find one that suits you and found a new village.”
    Order: Found a new village.
    Reward: 1600 2000 1800 1300

    Task 35a: Barracks to Level 1. (continue from quest 23a)
    „Now its time to get the machine of war running. Build a level 1 barracks.”
    Order: Build barracks.
    Reward: 140 200 180 200

    Task 35b: Marketplace to level 1. (continue from quest 23b)
    „Now its time to get your economy up. Build a level 1 marketplace.”
    Order: Build a marketplace.
    Reward: 140 200 180 200

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