Construction Plans

As the World Wonder host, you’ll need to hold the Construction Plan in order to build the World Wonder. To build past level 50, a member of your alliance must also hold a Construction Plan.

In other words, your alliance must capture at minimum two Construction Plans in order to have any chance of completing the race.

Construction Plans also provide you with a lot of leverage. Holding a Construction Plan is very useful because you can use it as a negotiating tool with other alliances. If you hold extra plans, you can offer them to an alliance that needs it in exchange for their allegiance.

Does this mean that you will give them the plans? No, but you can ask your plan holder to join their alliance so they have two sets of plans. If they betray your allegiance, then your plan holder will just leave their alliance and he will be stuck again.

Construction plans can be shared. If your alliance has three World Wonder village, but hold only two plans, then the plans can be shuffled around among the hosts. You need the plans in order to build or queue up a World Wonder level. But while it is being built, or already queued, the plans can be sent elsewhere and it will not affect the current construction or build queue.

Construction Plans are held by Natars and they don’t appear until about 14 days after Natars spawn. It can be a day earlier or later, so beginning on the 13th day, you need to check your Treasury regularly to see if they have spawned. There is no announcement in the forum.

To view the plan owners, you can click on your Treasury. Even a level one Treasury will do. The image below shows what the Treasury looks like AFTER the plans have been conquered. Click on the owner’s name to reveal the coordinates of the village that holds the plan. Remember plans can be moved to different villages.

Once they spawn, you can view the Natar profile to see their locations. They are stored in oases and their coordinates are printed in plain sight.

There will be 13 plans, and as with the World Wonder villages, they will be scattered across all quadrants. There will be three plans in each quadrant, with the last plan falling in any of the quadrant.

Their locations are a little similar to the World Wonder villages in that you can expect them to be well spread – one will spawn somewhere near the core, one in the outer core and one more further away in the furthest core. The last plan will spawn somewhere near the middle, close to the 0|0 coordinates.

You need to plan for the conquers well before the plans are introduced. Assuming that your alliance controls your own quadrant, then you should plan to take all the plans in your quadrant, plus any additional plans you can grab.

Yes, take them even if you don’t need them. And yes, they are worth it. First, they can be used as spares and second, that’s one less Wonder for the enemy.

Appoint players to become plan stealers. Look for players who are close to the 0|0 axis to take the center plan. Then look for players in the core area to take the core plan, and then the outer core and furthest core. Because you cannot be sure where the plans will spawn, you need to select players with a good spread so you cover a large portion of your quadrant.

After the plan stealers have taken the plans, they can then give it to the World Wonder host.

Plan stealers will need at least a 60k army (excluding siege) and get these players on standby, ready to attack at moments notice. When the plans are released, you can then choose the nearest players and give them the attack order.

When conquering Construction Plans from Natars, you need to send catas to target the Treasury. No need to send rams as they do not have walls.

When the Construction Plans spawn, they are not immediately attackable. Like the World Wonder villages, they have a very short protection. You need to wait from between a few hours to a day before the plans are opened for attacks.

When the plans become attackable, you will receive an in game notification from Travian.

Conquering Plans

Conquering a construction plan from a Natar oases, from another player or even from your own village is done in the same way.

First, the village (or Natar oases) holding the plan has to be cleaned of defenders. Second, the treasury must not exist. It may either be destroyed by your catas, or demolished by the plan holder using the Main Building. Third, you must send your hero to attack from a village that has a Treasury level 10. You need to use the Attack button, raids won’t do.

Since treasuries cannot be built in capitals, this means your hero has to attack from a non-capital. Also don’t forget to build a hero’s mansion otherwise you can’t send your hero to the Treasury village.

Take this example. Your hammer is in your capital. But your Treasury is in another village, but you do not have a large army there. So you need to send two attacks :-

1st attack wave   –  Hammer army from capital cleans and cata the Treasury.
The village must be successfully cleaned and the Treasury destroyed.
2nd attack wave   –  Hero from a Treasury 10 village attacks and steals the plan.

Your hero must survive the attack. If your hero dies (maybe because he was not at full health), even if you won the battle, but you will not be able to steal the plans.

Plans are transferred immediately, so there is no such thing as a plan in transit.

Natar Defenses

Strangely enough, the defenses in a Natar Construction Plan oases is stronger than that in the World Wonder village. You will need roughly a 60k hammer to do the job.

Their defenses are also not even. From my observation, the core plan is better defended than the outer core, and the furthest core has the least defenders.

You do not have time to scout the defenses in a Construction Plan oases. Your plan stealers need to attack as soon as they are opened for attacks – or you risk losing the plan to another alliance.

Once the plan stealers have taken the plans, they can then give it to the World Wonder host later.

The image above shows the defenses in a Natar WW Buildingplan in the core area. Plans in outer core areas are less defended.

Defending the Plans

Whomever holds the Construction Plan, you can take it for granted that the Plan village will be under constant attacks all the time. Most will be fakes, but some will be real attacks.

As you already know, the World Wonder host needs to hold the plan in order to build the World Wonder. Your enemies will plot to steal your plan. In this section, I will explain how to defend your Construction Plan.

You are allowed to send an unlimited amount of crop to the Construction Plan village. The hourly rule does not apply to the Construction Plan village.

But the first basic rule is, do not try to defend your Plan village. Even a 500k defense in your Plan village will not save your plans. If the enemy knows that you are defending your Plan village, they will send World Wonder hammers at you just to steal your plan.

The best option for you is to move your plans around. If you have prepared well, all your villages except your capital will have a Treasury level 10 and a Hero Mansion. If you have not done this, see section on Conquering the World Wonder village.

In order to move your plans quickly, in your current Plan village, use the Main Building and demolish your Treasury up to level 1. Then send your hero away to the next village which has a Treasury level 10.

When your Plan is threatened, use your Main Building and demolish the Treasury, and simultaneously attack it with your hero from the new village. This will transfer the plan to the new village.

You only need to send your hero alone. He will not die even if there is a Residence, but he will lose some hit points. It is a good idea to send a small escort army to reduce the number of hit points he will lose.

Needless to say, make sure you send away all defenders so you don’t kill your own hero. Don’t let your hero get killed. A high level hero takes days to revive. Because all of your villages are under constant attack, send him to hide in an oases when not in use.

Demolishing with the Main Building means you don’t need to send catas to destroy your Treasury. Catas travel very slowly whereas your hero is probably a cavalry unit who can travel much faster.

As soon as the Plan is moved, demolish the Treasury to level 1 again, and send the hero to another village with Treasury level 10. Then rebuild your treasury in your old plan village. You can use gold to NPC and instantly complete the Treasury.

Depending on how active the enemy is, you may need to move your plans everyday. Yes, it can be an expensive affair with rebuilding Treasuries everyday, but you can afford it. The more important question is whether you have enough villages with Treasuries in them.

At times, you will find that all of your villages are under attack. And there is nowhere safe to move your plans. When this happens, ask an alliance player to take the plans for you temporarily. Appoint one to two players as backup Plan holders. They should be on standby, ready to take your plans in the event that you can’t safely hold them.

As mentioned, your plan village will be under attack almost everyday. A lot of them will be fakes.

You can ignore attacks that are not traveling at cata speed. This assumes you always maintain a Treasury level 1. Fortunately, many newbies still send fakes using non-catas.

Assess where is the attack coming from. Non-capital attacks are more threatening because Treasuries cannot be built in capitals. But even if the attack is from a capital, it cannot be ignored because players may switch capitals and gold up a Treasury to level 10, five minutes before the attack arrives.

Switching capitals will mean the resource fields will be leveled down to 10. But some players already have had their capitals destroyed, and they don’t have any high level croplands.

If the attack is from a very small player (less than 5 villages), then check his offense points to estimate the threat level. You may not need to move the plans if a small player is attacking and you can place some defense there.

Coordinated attacks are the most threatening. If you spot attacks landing within minutes of each other, then just move the plans. If you see many players faking the plan village, then just move the plans.

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