Choosing Your Starting Position

The Travian map is divided into four quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. Every tile in the map is assigned a coordinate, with the center of the axis being coordinates 0|0.

Alliances usually form within quadrants so that the borders of the NW, SW, NE and SE tend to form natural territories in the game map.

A point you should know about these borders is the closer you are to a border, the hotter the zone. This means alliance wars are fought most often between border players.

So if you are situated on the border between NE and SE, then you can expect constant skirmishes with the players on the other side of the border, usually belonging to a rival alliance.

Likewise, it is even hotter near the axis at 0|0 as you can expect to fight a three frontal war from alliances of three different quadrants.

Situated near a border has several setbacks – not as many allied players can reach you quickly enough in the event that you need reinforcements. And being in a hot zone with constant attacks slows down your growth.

Your next consideration is whether your starting position is located within 15 squares from a 15 cropper with at least a 125% crop oases bonus.

15 croppers with 125% and 150% crop oases are very rare and are very, very powerful villages, especially in the mid to late game. You will want to seize one as your capital and the closer your starting location, the better your chances of settling on one.

In summary, choose a starting location that is:

  1. Located further away from any border. Coordinates of above 100 on the X and Y axis are ideal, otherwise just get as far away as possible from the border.
  2. Located near a 15 cropper with at least 125% crop oases bonus.

If your starting location does not meet the above two criterias, then delete your account and register again until you find one that does.

The tool to find crop oases bonus is

I might as well mention that the Travian map does not regenerate during a server restart.

4 Responses to Choosing Your Starting Position

  1. commenter says:

    ive been playing for ages and im a team player so alliances is my number 1 priority thanks for giving me all this info now me and my alliance members can work forward to victory!!!

  2. Tom says:

    So you have to keep creating and deleating account untill you get into a good position?

  3. Sylvia says:

    The crop finder doesn’t work. Does anyone know of a free online cropfinder?

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