Conquering the World Wonder Village

Approximately one month before endgame begins, you need to start planning for the conquer of your World Wonder village. Your alliance needs to decide how many World Wonder villages they want to hold, and who is going to be the host.

Use your knowledge of their approximate spawning locations so you can look for players in close proximity to the core, outer core and furthest core village. Preferably they should be close by so they can better support their World Wonder village, but its not absolutely necessary because most of the support will come from other alliance members.

You can however plan for a player in the 200|200 zone to host the furthest core village, and begin to organize wings for his support. Similarly, plan for a player in the 60|60 zone to host the core village and form his support wings. And repeat the same for the outer core village and any other World Wonder village you intend to conquer.

The hosting player’s tribe is also very important. Choose a Teuton to be your host. He should have at least 20 villages. This is at minimum. It goes without saying, but you should appoint an active, skilled and committed player.

He will need two active sitters and if possible, a co-player too. The co-player should not have an account on the same server, but if you can’t find a co-player, then two active sitters will do too.

The account has to be managed round-the-clock. Don’t share passwords. It is not a good idea to share passwords because it is against Travian rules. I have seen World Wonder hosts punished for this violation by some overzealous multihunter.

Yes, it screws things up big time to be banned while building the Wonder, so the World Wonder host has to ensure he is free of any violations.

Your World Wonder host needs to make preparations to host the World Wonder. About one month before, instruct them to build Treasury level 10, and a Hero’s Mansion (at least level 1) in all of their villages except the capital. This is needed in order to hold the Construction Plan, as he will need to move the plan often.

The Treasury cannot be built in the capital, so this excludes the capital. Expect the World Wonder host to be attacked relentlessly. He needs to prepare his defenses.

Build at minimum 2 warehouses and 2 granaries in all villages – this is the minimum, the more, the better. Extend the walls to level 20. Marketplace and Trade Office should also have a high level.

When the time comes, the host will need to conquer the Natar village. While it is possible for other alliance members to help with the cleaning of Natar defenses and chiefing to lower loyalty, but this is generally not preferred.

Preferably, the World Wonder host should train his own army to clean and conquer the Natar village all by himself. The reason is because when Natars are released for attack, you need to act fast – and conquer the village as fast as possible.

Depending on others to lend cleaner and chief support can still work, but it causes delays in coordination because sometimes players are offline. Depending on others can waste a lot of time.

Get your host to prepare at least a 50k crop offense army (excluding siege weapons) to clean the Natar village. This is the minimum, but having a 60k army or more is better to be on the safe side. It is like insurance. He should also prepare at least 180 catas. And 9 chiefs.

In summary, he should have:-

  • 30,000 axeman
  • 10,000 TKs
  • 180 catas
  • 9 chiefs

As you can see, these preparations take time, which is why they need to start at least one month ahead.

By the time endgame is announced on the forum, your World Wonder hosts should already be ready, or almost ready for their tasks ahead. The announcement may provide as little as 2 days notice, to as many as 7 days.

The announcement will inform on what date Natars will spawn. But it will not inform what time they will spawn. You just need to login often on the expected date.

On the day Natars spawn, they cannot be attacked immediately. They have a short protection period like a beginner’s protection. You can see their village coordinates and finalize your attack plan.

At this stage, get all your World Wonder hosts to exit from their current alliance and form a new wing all by themselves. You don’t want spies looking into their defenses and reporting on their activities.

Send a Mass Message to all members of your alliance and instruct them NOT to attack the World Wonder village. If you don’t do this, experience has shown that some misinformed player will act on his own and start sending his attacks there.

Natar’s protection expires in a few hours to a day. When Natars exit protection, you will receive an ingame message from Travian that the endgame has started.

Your host should send his cleaner to clean the Natar village. And send along six cata waves with your cleaner, each wave having 30 catas each. Target the woodcutter, iron mine and clay pit – destroy all the resource fields.

You may have a six cropper or nine cropper. How many woodcutter, iron mine and clay pit to target can be seen by clicking on the Natar village itself. It shows the composition of how many woodcutter, iron mine and clay pit it has.

There are many advantages destroying these resource fields. They reduce your population size, so you don’t need so many croplands to support them. Ever come across the message “Lack of food. Extend cropland first”. A smaller population saves you building time from not having to build so many croplands.

Secondly, this misleads your opponents who many times judge your progress by population size. They might actually think you are behind. Additionally, your opponents will notice the sudden drop in population, making them think that you accidentally cata’ed your own World Wonder village.

I highly recommend you destroy all the resource fields. Just make sure you don’t destroy the croplands or any other structure.

Along with the cata waves, send along nine chiefs behind the cleaner to conquer it. Your chiefs should have a small escort – 20 clubswingers will do.

Nine chiefs might be overkill, but this is not really the case either. When my chiefs attacked the Natar village, I was surprised he caused only 11.5 points of loyalty to drop. Sending more chiefs is an insurance policy that you will not end up with unexpected surprises.

Afterall, having more than enough chiefs does not hurt because you only lose chiefs which are expendable at this stage of the game. Just make sure your chiefs arrive after the cata waves so your catas don’t end up attacking your own chiefs.

Holding a Great Celebration will help lower additional loyalty points too.

A Natar village does not have Walls or Residence. So you don’t need to send rams or catas to destroy the Residence. With a 50k or 60k army, and 9 chiefs, you should be able to clean and conquer the World Wonder village in one sweep.

If you failed to clean the World Wonder village for whatsoever reason, then just know that Natars do not retrain their lost troops. There is no barracks in a World Wonder village and Natars will not reinforce the village from their capital.

Furthermore, it is impossible to reinforce a Natar village. Your troops will just die upon arrival. You may scout, but not reinforce a Natar village.

When you send your cleaner to conquer the World Wonder village, DO NOT announce it to your alliance. Do not ask for reinforcements until you have successfully conquered the village.

Spies are a menace. If your cleaner arrival time is leaked to the enemy, they will arrange to steal your World Wonder from right under your nose. Its very easy. Just send a cleaner with a chief to arrive right behind your attacks, and the World Wonder village will be stolen from you.

Once the World Wonder village is conquered, ask for reinforcements, crop and resources.

Here is the state of a World Wonder village when it is first conquered:-

Main Building 15

Warehouse 20

Warehouse 10

Granary 20

Granary 10

Marketplace 1

Cranny 5

Rally Point 0

Wonder of the World 0

All croplands at level 6

All resource fields at level 5

Note there is no Rally Point in a newly conquered World Wonder village.

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  1. Rakirs says:

    How can you have 9 chiefs in one attack? The most you can have is 3!

  2. uzi says:

    3 in one attack yes but you time them to land on the same second so it is 9 chiefs in 1 attack. sort of

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